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Friday, May 4, 2012

Traffic Lights

In SA a lot of the big corporate's sponsor the solar panels and are allowed advertising to go with it. Nedbank are the big guys here. Perhaps an idea is to approach the private sector which seems to be the “in” thing in SA. Alternatively another option is to “sponsor” points men at the intersections where the lights never work. Again it is the private sector who do this here in Johannesburg as part of a huge “lead SA” initiative where most of the points men are sponsored by Outsurance. All approved and all go through the correct training and again, the advertising on the uniforms and flags that fly on the sides of the road do the advertising job.

Just an idea of possibly approaching the big guys and offering them the advertising in exchange for community service.

Much better than putting up billboards all over the show??


I think manning the uncontrolled intersection would be the best bet, quickest, cheapest, most reliable method to implement!


I am sure a lot of people have very strong opinions about the quality of driving and the unnecessary accidents we all see. I am sure a lot of people will not agree with me, but I believe a low-tech approach is required outside the city centre - roundabouts. These require no power and reduce speeding. On small roads only a small roundabout is needed, hardly even raised as many readers will be familiar with from driving in South Africa.

I would also advocate for the removal of the solar traffic lights in the city centre. The city centre hardly experiences any power cuts, but the inability of the city council to replace the batteries means that many key intersections do not work as soon as the sun light fades. The cost of replacing the batteries must well exceed the cost of using Zesa.

I expect that the city council will not be in a position to afford the cost of laying a separate power grid just to run the traffic lights, nor do I believe that many drivers have the respect of other road users to even consider 4 way stops.


Roundabouts work very well in England and reduce the risk of smash and grabs as the flow of traffic is more consistent, unfortunately in this country I am not sure whether all road users would use them correctly however


Why on earth don’t they introduce solar traffic lights all over Harare instead of a few here and there in town.


I think the best method is Roundabouts! They work well everywhere else in the world and the ones we have got here seem to do a good job!


In the event of traffic light failure, the procedure should be to adopt the 4- way stop street system. It is logical, uncomplicated and works in RSA.


The obvious solution is to make all the robots solar powered as some are already. They are truly great, bright and virtually 100% working.

H.M. could at least start with the biggest and busiest junctions


Solar operated traffic lights are the answer..They are very effective around town and on the Churchill Road/ 2nd St Extension intersection


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