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Friday, May 18, 2012

Comments on Harare problems

We live in Strathaven. Just to let you know we had an attempted break in last night.  This is the second time they have tried to get into our house in the space of a month.  The 1st attempt was through the veranda gate they tried to cut the padlock with Bolt Cutters, my husband got up and they fled.  Last night they got into the house through the kitchen window.  I was awakened with a noise I thought was from the garage, and again my husband went through with the dogs (We keep our dog’s in the house now after our last one was poisoned)  and again they fled.  I just want people to be warned that they are in the Strathaven area.
We tried to call Avondale Police station but no answer.  My daughter called Borrowdale Police and they sent a radio message to Avondale.  My Son-in-Law had to go to Avondale Station to fetch the police as they do not have any transport.
This am I went along to Zinara , their offices are at the Glen Roy( ?) shops ( along  Glenara Highlands) and got all 6 of my vehicle licenses done very quickly and politely . The staff are great and cheerful and a good order is kept on the queue system which is efficient and orderly , all done in about an hour . They are in the old Barker Mc offices on the ground floor. Maybe tell your readers about this avenue as it works well.
Groombridge Stop St - Would just like to let all your readers know that firstly the 2 sign boards that at the Inter-section should be moved and secondly there is a policeman that hides behind the sign board on the Service Station side that tells the policeman whose has not stopped or who hasn’t. the policeman who wait along Alpes Rd by the wall  of OG’s tennis courts cannot even see the stop Intersection and maybe motorists should ask for a witness to be present to identify the car and also provide the necessary proof.
My father went to Zinara yesterday morning. That is somewhere near/at Runniville.  There were masses of people milling about and a shambles of note with disorderly queues of people trying to get license discs.  Some messengers were camping out overnight. Some people had one registration to do, others had batches of up to 30 vehicles. Mabelreign and Mt Pleasant offices on our side of town  are not yet issuing licenses.  They also have 15 hr power cuts several times a week.  Many of the old folk used to use Avondale or Belvedere. Now it would seem that is not available.
Just to let you know of an incident that occurred on Sunday morning at my house (cnr crowhill /Luna Rds; Borrowdale Brook)

At 10 15 my gate bell rang - no response on intercom.  It rang again - still no response on intercom but I could see a black vehicle at the gate so I went down to the gate.  As I approached the gate the car reversed out and moved off in the direction of Luna Rd.  About 5 minutes later it came back and, seeing me, turned in at the gateway again.  I stayed my side of the gate and the driver (a smartly dressed African in a dark suit) got out of his car.  When I asked who he was looking for he said "you, Mrs Lander" - which is not my name but is the name at the gate!) I did not enlighten him as to my name.  He said his name was Alexander went on to say that he was associated with USAId and they were trying to enlighten people on HIV, healthy eating and had a set of 3 books you could buy, the last of which had
96 recipes.  He also said he needed to check out the premises.  I told him to go away.  Then heard him hooting at every gate in the neighbourhood.  At 12 40 I was on Crowhill Rd going past Stonechat Lane when I spotted what I am fairly sure was the same car (reg starts AAW but I didn't get the rest). I was then at a lunch birthday party where I met people who live on Hogerty Hill and he had been there as well, telling their guard that he needed to be let in to check that their premises were not unhealthy. 

Does this sound like another scam?  The average domestic thinks he is genuine because of the smart clothes and car so perhaps people could warn them.  It sounds as though he may have got in somewhere as my workers say all the workers in the neighbourhood are talking about it. If you think it worth it please pass on the warning - Sunday seems a popular time as they expect everyone to be at church!

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