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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Safeguard and car problems

We at Safeguard will now be keeping an eye out for this vehicle, and would really appreciate any more info on this or other vehicles (general description or reg number) so that we can be alert for them. We have many vehicles on the road at one time and would be perfectly placed to alert police of anything dodgy and would even be able to pick up police from the nearest station to help. Bruce Woodward
I was an unfortunate victim of a smash and grab on Friday afternoon around 3.15 pm on Guest Road, New Alex Park. I am very alert to following vehicles, but these guys were to clever for me. I keep my bag under the seat all the time, however upon arrival at my gate I pulled my bag out from under the seat to answer the phone whilst my gardener was put the electric gate onto manual. I put the phone down and noticed a white car drive past. I turned to watch it and it continued up the road into John Plagus and turned around. I heard a knock at my passenger window and there was this very smart African gentleman, clean cut, stocky, dark skinned, wearing a smart black suit jacket, light blue shirt and I think he had a white t-shirt under the shirt ( I thought he was our next door neighbour) he smiled at me and with that he hit the window and broke it and we both grabbed my bag off the passenger seat, unfortunately he won. With that I accelerated drove through the gate and then the adrenalin rushed in and with that I reversed and gave chase out onto Churchill with my hand on my horn and my hazards on. Unfortunately no one came to my rescue. I followed them down past National Parks and then back onto Churchill and lost them on Second Street. I went to the police station to report the incident. What a procedure. They do not make it easy for us as victims!!!  During my reporting to the police I received a message and a couple of phone calls which I did not answer in case it was the thieves as they now had my number. The messenger claimed to have found my bag. I went home and called Safeguard, Mr Dube. He was amazing, he called the number and spoke with the person informing them that I had asked him to contact them re: the return of my bag. He then sent his security detail to the address to collect my bag. He then personally delivered it to me in the evening - I was very fortunate. All my bank cards, keys and drivers licence were still in the bag. Apparently the thieves had thrown the bag out of the window after taking any cash. I must say in this case that Safeguard as always have come up trumps once again. Please could you let the public know that there is a white toyota that looks like a honda CVR with no number plates cruising around with two well-dressed African men in it. I am certain that they are cruising around the Alex Park area, in fact I am sure that I saw them in Hudson Road yesterday. I have reported it. 

Mike - do you by any chance know of a place that can replace a passenger window on a Mazda Eagle. I would appreciate any information.
I feel it is necessary to draw attention of ZRP to the fining that is going on by the Police who situate themselves on Alpes Road heading towards Harare Drive.  I know there is a stop street there and on Saturday afternoon I was turning right from the Chase into Alpes and had stopped back from the intersection not that you can see any line there!!! Then because there is a durawall and you cannot see traffic coming from the left I edged forward to proceed when I saw a vehicle coming from down Alpes to my right – I stopped a second time before turning into Alpes.

I was stopped by police yesterday at the intersection outside of Old Georgians, i turned left out of OG's and as i turned left again they said i had failed to stop at the stop street, i had actually stopped but in front of the stop sign as if you go and look you will see there is a big advertising sign that obstructs your view if you stop on the line, after arguing with their officer in charge for ten minutes and me proving to him with the next 4 consecutive cars that stopped having to roll forward to see oncoming traffic they let me go without paying a fine. it is getting pathetic and i have no doubt they knew exactly that the sign obstructs your view and used it to their advantage to fine people unfairly! fortunately i was prepared to argue my case and not pay the $20 they asked me to pay ... but how many people are bullied into paying i wonder!
Mike I have just gone into town to pay for some work done by a guy, he was stopped by the police in Avondale car park for driving on a cell and was fined USD 20 without any mention of it being USD 1500 plus court !
I have since phoned him back and asked for a copy of his ticket as proof so that you can circulate this later on once i have everything in my possession !
This fine looks like it ‘depends on who you are ‘

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