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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spot fines

I have just been to Borrowdale and Highlands Police Stations again to find out what the story is with the Vitz and Cell phone fines

I was informed by the Assistant Inspector at Borrowdale that the maximum fine for a traffic offence is of the order of $20. They do not give tickets any more but are supposed to have a receipt book so that they must give you a receipt for any money you have given them. If you do not have money on you then they can take you down to the their Police Station where a docket will be prepared for the incident. You will have to agree when and how that fine is to be paid. If you disagree with the fine then they will have to arrange for a court hearing. You cannot be locked up for a traffic offence (not sure about drink driving).

That is why I said that it is best to have a spare $20 or 2 in the cubby hole of your vehicle so that you can pay any such fine straight away

It is also worth noting that they are just doing a job as you probably do and most of them are very pleasant. I am sure you are all aware that when customers treat you with respect then it is so much easier to resolve tricky issues.

The bottom line is that you should not speak on your cell phone whilst driving and you all know it!

Mike G

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