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Friday, May 4, 2012

Club 50

The following email was sent out today by Anna Andriolakis who runs an excellent security advisory service in Bulawayo called Club 50

With Anna’s kind permission, I will be forwarding her newsletters that I fell are relevant to our bambazonke nhasi readers

Dear Club 50 Members,

With reference to the emails sent out a few weeks ago regarding the Armed Robbery at C.H. Naake as well as the warning to be on the look out for suspicious taxis that had targeted businesses closing between 7.30pm – 9.30pm in both the Midlands and Bulawayo C.B.D.s.

Good news is one of the suspects from that gang has been arrested in Rusape, reliable information can confirm that this suspect is part of that group of criminals that where hijacking taxis and using them to commit Armed Robberies then abandoning the taxis, the rest of the group are still at large and have not yet been arrested.

Please business owners in Bulawayo, Harare and the Midlands areas be careful when closing late at night be vigilant at closing time especially of taxis and suspect vehicles, and deposit large amounts of money during the course of the day, so that in the event of an attack you do not have the entire days takings with you. Inform your security guards to also be vigilant should they see any suspect vehicle going and then coming back and parking and no occupants getting out of the car, take down the details of the vehicle, registration number colour make model and number of occupants, or better still photograph the vehicle with your cell phone, should this vehicle leave and come back again and just park then phone the nearest police station give them the information on the vehicle as well as the previous time it during the day in which it came and parked and let the police come and search the vehicle and its occupants. The majority of the Armed Robbery cases committed by this crowd have been in Harare, so they definitely get around, Bulawayo, Gweru, Kwe Kwe, Harare and then arrested in Rusape.

Although Trade Fair week we did not receive any reports of break ins of vehicles stolen or broken into, please don’t let down your guard.

Keep safe and I will keep you updated as soon as the rest of the “taxi gang” are arrested
Kind regards - Anna

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