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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vehicle Licences

The following email was kindly sent into me by one of our readers this evening regarding the new Vehicle Licensing Regs

Regards and thanks very much to Karen for doing the hard work

Hi Mike,

This is what I have managed to find out from Zimpost Head Office (Public relations dept) and Mount Pleasant Post Office (the postmaster). Neither of whom were prepared to give me their names as they both said that the information they had was given to them verbally by ZINARA and nothing was in writing to them!! My insurance agent was also able to confirm most of the information below. Anyway ………

1. The equipment will probably only be delivered to all the post offices on or around 15th May 2012. They could not confirm that the post offices outside of the main CBD will have back-up power available when there is no electricity.

2. For this first issue of vehicle licences, due to the delays in getting it up and running, there will now be a longer grace period than 1st June before you will be fined for non-compliance. However, they could not tell me how long after 1st June this would be.

3. The licence periods have also changed, but the price has not. You will now be able to purchase a licence for the following periods of time only :-

(a) Four months $20.00
(b) Six months $30.00
(c) Twelve months $60.00

But, there is a catch ……. the licence validity will run from the date of purchase for the period of time purchased i.e. if you buy a four month licence on 23rd May, then it will expire on 22nd September. I am not sure how this then ties up with your insurance cover note, but I suppose a lot of these questions will be answered in time.

4. The documents you are required to have when you go to get your new licence are as follows :-

(a) Fully completed Application for Licensing of a Motor Vehicle form (MVLIC)
(b) Original Insurance Cover Note, PLUS a photocopy of same
(c) Original Vehicle Registration Book, PLUS a photocopy of same (front and back)

I would further suggest that you take your original, PLUS a photocopy, of your National Identity Card for vehicles in your personal name, and/or your original, PLUS a photocopy, of your Business Registration Certificate for vehicles in your company name. This will save any angst when you get there and they suddenly want this too!

I hope this helps.



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