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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reports of false Police Officers

I have had several emails over the past few days regarding a Pink Vitz that is driving around Harare with men in Police (ZRP) uniform. The are trying to fine people for driving and talking on their cell phone. I was sent pictures of the vehicle yesterday but I have deleted them by mistake. It would appear that these are not true blue ZRP officers and you should exercise caution if they try to pull you over.

I have listed a few of the emails below and await an explanation or comment from ZRP HQ on the matter

Regards Mike G


This morning I was driving to work along Kew Drive and was using my cell phone, and put it off well before the junction with Enterprise Road. Behind me was a small Vitz which contained 4 police officers in uniform who instructed me to draw off the road. I was instructed that I had committed a serious offence, and would have to appear in court at a later stage during this week. I was also advised that there would be a very substantial fine to pay. My details were taken but no official document was issued to me.


This morning one of the guys in our office was driving along Coventry Road, answered a call on his phone. One Policeman (in uniform) and 2 civilians in a taxi on the side of the road pulled him up and advised him that they were arresting him for talking on the phone and were going to impound his car. They showed him a City of Harare I.D. card and told him that they were Policemen working together with City of Harare and wanted him to take them to Central Police Station so that they could report this matter. Our guy started driving towards Central when these guys asked him to stop and park so they could “settle the matter”, but our guy said “no, let’s go to Central” and started driving in the direction of Central again. These guys then knew they were not going to get what they wanted (a bribe) and they jumped out the car saying “you get off lightly with a warning this time!”.

We have also heard of other lady being harassed for “crossing an orange going to red traffic light” when she was actually sitting in the traffic waiting for the lights to turn green, a Policeman stopped her and tried to solicit a bribe from her. These are just warnings about what is happening around and about our town – please be careful out there!


A lady that works with us has just come back into the office to tell us this story. Her daughter was pulled over by an unmarked police vehicle and fined $200 for being on her cellphone. The police are in plain clothes and driving an unmarked car. She is very traumatized but ok. Please can you warn everyone. Thanks.


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