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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Police Officers and Fines

Each Police Officer has a force number which has to be given out if requested.
It should be noted that there are NO SUCH THING AS SPOT FINES without an OFFICIAL RECEIPT, that is Form Z69 (j) Admission of Guilt. Many Road Blocks carry Z69 (j) for the convenience of the public. Should it be inconvenient to pay immediately a „ticket“ on Form 265 for payment at a Police Station within 7 days should be requested.
In other words: There is no spot fine which has to be paid compulsory - payment on the spot is an option of convenience - you may opt for the inconvenient option and pay elsewhere …
The fine for phoning while driving can be up to 20,- US$. There are no such spot fines of 1.000,- US$ etc.. Officers who come up with this nonsense should be reported to the national complains.
Please find attached the phone number of the national complains.
I hope this helps

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