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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vitz Update

Hi All

I spent a lot of time yesterday following up on this VITZ matter with Borrowdale Police uniform section and, then, with Det Insp Matoka who is the member in charge of CID Highlands. DI Matoka is a very professional and understanding officer and I am sure him and his team will find the perpetrators of these “Cell phone Fines” very shortly.

According to DI Matoka and the Police at Borrowdale, neither Police station is aware of any of their police officers being given permission to go around and charge “Cell phone offenders” in a private vehicle. The “Police” involved with this Vitz and similar vehicles may be Policemen in one form or another but what they appear to be doing is actually extortion and that would be a criminal offence

I gave DI Matoka a statement last night on my understanding of what has been happening. He does, however, need statements from victims of these incidents.

He has asked people that have had dealings with the Vitz or similar civilian vehicles with Policemen to please go down to Highlands Police Station (just off Glenara Av) and see him, or his staff, in the CID Section at the side of the Police Station. It should not take more than 20 minutes of your time but it is absolutely necessary if the Vitz people are to be charged with a crime. Remember that most of the Police are very helpful and your time will really be appreciated

Highlands Phone is 495-304 or 495-504 – if you want his cell phone number then please give me a call on 0772-209-162


Mike G

1 comment:

  1. I'm driving my Toyota Vitz and I also using my phone during that time, I'm guilty about it and I think that's better to follow the law.