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Thursday, May 17, 2012


I went out to another orphanage in Hatfield this afternoon – opposite side of road to Falcon Golf Club – and was shown around the place by Norman MacDonald (about my age). Norman and his wife have established this large place with about 80 kids ranging in age from the cradle to 16 – all of them have been referred to his place by Social Welfare – all for heartbreaking, yet  different, reasons. They started the place in 2004 – all from donations in one way or another – the initial home was financed by Italian donors – and somehow Norman has managed to have 4 “Houses” built on the large 6 acre plot by one donor or another.

Each house has a “Mother” and an “Asst Mother” that stay in the house and look after / bond with about 20 children who are taught that these are their new parents and their new home

Norman and Ellie have done some amazing work there. But, like all of these places, there are always wages to pay – 25 workers – and NEC came along recently and made them use all  of their savings to pay for Backpay and increases!

There are two simple things that would make a difference to the kids in each home

1.            Old Sports equipment – soccer balls or hockey sticks etc
2.            Old Pictures to brighten up the vacant walls in their “Homes”. As you are aware pictures in a room can be an amazing educator / teacher

If you have any of those things (or similar)  lying around your home (unused and unwanted!) and would like to donate them to this home or Chiedza Orphanage, then please arrange to have them dropped off at our Softrite / Ndeipi offices at 22 Moorgate, Northwood (853-238/9) – we could arrange for a driver to collect from your place if you are not too far away and really find it hard to go into town

I am playing golf at Falcon – across the road from there –on Sunday so it would be great if I could drop these things off with Norman

Many thanks
Mike G

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