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Saturday, May 12, 2012

From Mike G


I copied your emails concerning the Vitz to ZRP Press and Public Relations - Harare Central. Here is there reply.



The unfortunate thing is all the people who have been duped have not reported officially. When one is confronted by these people, phone Harare Operations on 748836 or Officer Commanding Harare Homicide on 0712322709 because we are looking for them. they are bogus and we have a number of people who have been victimised judging by the message of exeperiances that I received from different people. The maximum fine that we accept is $20-00 and a receipt should be issued for the payment. If the Police officer claim that there are various offences, give him $20-00 first or the stipulated fine which should not be above $20-00 and wait for your receipt. If the receipt is issued, thats when you can give him the other money for the other offence(s). We urge people to quickly report such incidents so that we investigate before so many people fall prey to them. We also have our Police internal security section that is responsible for investigating only corrupt activities by Police officers. If anyone is asked for a bribe by a Police officer or has given a Police officer money and he refuses to issue a receipt, phone Internal investigations on 702083. We are not allowed to take people's money without issuing out a receipt. Any act of corruption must be reported. The only way to deal with corruption is for everyone to stop supporting it and promptly report anyone who engages in it. Let everyone play a part. Any complaints phone Inspector Sabau on 771874 or talk to anyone in the office. Everyone can also phone on Police General headquarters complaints desk on 703631. Can the lady who was phoned by the criminals supply us with the number they used so that we track them using the number.

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