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Thursday, January 31, 2013



The New Year has started with reports of quite a few house robberies and attempted break ins.  These have happened in day light hours or dusk, just as the sun is setting.
Gangs have gained entry over the wall, or through the pedestrian gate in the gate, which may mean that staff have either been careless and left the key in the gate or left the door unlocked as there has been no forced entry.   Please make sure that all staff are made aware of this easy to make but very costly careless mistake.  There are a lot of loiterers around sitting on verges or on street corners, watching and waiting for such an occurrence.  The gangs are bold and not afraid of showing their faces ….. mostly well dressed, well spoken and almost always have a getaway vehicle waiting outside.  It is wise to keep gates firmly locked at all times. 
A case reported in Highlands of a family who have just moved into their new home and are having alterations and further building being carried out by contractors.  This means having work gangs on the property, of which you have very little control of the coming and going during working hours.  It is suggested that contractors vet staff carefully and foreman are a round to keep control. It is felt this was a tip off as the gang knew where to go to find the safe which had not as yet been secured in place and made off with it.  The children were tied up and made to lie facedown , while one was asked to show where more money and valuables where.  As it was still early the outside alarm sensors had not been put on and therefore the staff where not alerted by the alarm system, and were not aware of what was going on in the main house.   Keep the alarm on all areas of the house that are not being used.
A report of bogus police wearing the grey uniform with bibs pulling cars over, especially woman on their own, ZRP have stated that you do not pull over for any unmarked vehicle  ask them to follow you to the nearest police station, if they are not genuine police they will drive off.  This was a plain white vehicle that had no back number plates, this is scary and you therefore have to have your wits about you and act calmly and not move from your vehicle.
Gate intercoms have been blown up by fireworks, having to be completely replaced the following day, this may be pranks, but very inconvenient, and is just a warning to be alert at what is going on in your neighbourhood.

Let’s see if we can start 1213 by curbing the crime …..

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE ! 


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