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Sunday, January 20, 2013


At a recent public meeting held in Bulawayo, attended by members of the public, the public transport sector, Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe and senior Police Officers, the National Deputy Officer Commanding Traffic, Assistant Commissioner Kenny MTHOMBENI revealed that dishonest Police Officers bent on corruption were setting up illegal road blocks.  Motorists should ignore roadblocks manned by less than three police officers as they are illegal. Any attempt by a ‘two man’ check point or a Police officer in a private vehicle trying to enforce traffic regulations should be disobeyed and reported to their Officer Commanding/Officer in Charge.

Police fines range between $5 and $20 and if any officer demanding more than this would amount to attempted bribery.

The public were also urged to supply details of commuter omnibuses that deliberately flout the traffic regulations (stopping at undesignated pickup points, operating without necessary permits etc etc) as these vehicles were mostly owned by Police Officers.  Any such report would be dealt with from the highest level.

This is on the increase. A very recent incident at the traffic lights on the way to the airport (Sorting office/Harare Quarry) at 9.20pm whereby a vehicle travelling to the airport had its rear window smashed and a small utility bag stolen.  The culprit/s was seen jumping over the wall into the quarry area.  Police at Braeside seem unaware of any incidents of this nature – obviously this incident was not reported.


Reports have arisen of thieves using a short range signal jammer to prevent your cars locking mechanism from engaging as you press the button and walk away from your vehicle – leaving it open and easily accessible.    Do pay attention when locking your vehicle, check locked before walking away and take care!

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