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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Safety and Security Tips

Safety and Security Tips
Brought to you by theKenilworthResidents’AssociationandPrinceton Armed Response

·        Don’t leave gardening tools and outdoor appliances lying around as they can be used to break doors and windows
·        Secure your pool cleaning equipment such as your brush and leaf catcher pole. It is used to fish items through a window or to open doors and other windows from the outside.
·        Lock up stepladders
·        Look aroundyour garden and identify easy access and exit points and secure.

·        Never leave hand bags, wallets, cell phones keys and jewellery boxes on a table near a window or on a table near your front or back door.
·        If you have a security gate or a slam lock gate get into the habit of always locking them behind you even if you are only going to be in your house for a short time.
·        When you go out of your house always close the curtains as this makes it impossible for criminals to know what is in the room to steal.
·        Be careful with the information that you share with domestic workers and contractors regarding your security arrangements like alarm codes and key hiding places and safes.

·        Completely close any windows or insure that you have high grade bars installed. Garages are normally the first point of criminal interest as power tools and other small electrical goods are easy to carry away.

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