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Monday, January 21, 2013

Gauteng Road users!

Infrequent Gauteng e-road users

Please note that the Day Passes are only available for Class A1 and A2 motor vehicles i.e. motorcycles and light vehicles.

Infrequent e-road Users can pay their toll fees by registering an e-toll Account and by providing the vehicle licence plate number, procuring an e-tag, or by purchasing A Day Pass.

A Day Pass for Occasional Users:

can be purchased at a cost of R50
is valid for a 24 hour period after the first gantry pass.
may only be purchased for the same vehicle twelve times a year.
is only valid on the Gauteng e-road click here for the map.
should be purchased not more than 30 days before or on the day of making use of the Gauteng e-road.
cannot be activated retrospectively, i.e. it cannot be used to pay for toll transactions that occurred a day or more before the purchase of the Day Pass.
is valid for the payment of all toll transactions and any number of kilometres driven on the Gauteng e-road, as per the conditions set out above.
A Day Pass can be purchased by simply, phoning into the e-toll Call Centre at 0800 SANRAL (726 725) or by visiting an e-toll Customer Service Outlet. For locations of the e-toll Customer Service Outlet, click here.
Should a road user not have registered an e-toll Account, or purchased A Day Pass, before making use of the Gauteng e-road, the road user can pay for the toll transactions within a seven day grace period, by registering an e-toll Account through an e-toll Customer Service Outlet or by contacting the Call Centre on 0800 SANRAL (726 725) or by clicking here.

Non-SA vehicles

Vehicles not registered in South Africa that travel in or through Gauteng are encouraged to register an e-toll Account for easy online payment of e-toll fees. For information on how to register click here

If you have not registered an e-toll Account or do not have A Day Pass, you will need to pay for your e-toll usage within seven days after using e-roads. Failure to pay the toll fee within seven days means discounts will be forfeited and that enforcement actions may be instituted.

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