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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Many thanks must go to the caring and compassionate individuals who have taken the time to visit the SPCA and to those who volunteer their time towards the emotional well being of the animals there. All the donations we receive keep us afloat and we truly appreciate all the help we get in cash or kind. Visitors are shocked when they become aware of how many homeless animals we have in our care. The biggest thanks goes to those who have given a forever home to one of the needy animals.

Harare SPCA kennels are not aesthetically attractive. They have been repaired and patched up endlessly over the years.  Fortunately the “occupants” whom we love dearly, do not mind. The abandoned, hungry, injured, abused and lost residents are given shelter, veterinary care, meals and a safe place to sleep. Maternity care is also offered to those homeless animals that come in ready to have their young. Stray pups gorge themselves with home cooked meals and can never get enough. We never turn a domestic animal away.

All animals that arrive are taken to our veterinary surgery for a check up and assessment. They are put into quarantine for 10 days and the sent to our kennels if they are not needing hospitalization. They are fully vaccinated and sterilized before they are re homed. Normally we keep an animal for 10 days before it goes into the re homing section.( WE also offer a boarding facility for those who do not wish to leave their animals at home whilst away.) During the holidays we hold onto the animals for a longer period of time in the hope that returning holiday makers will claim their pets.

Sadly, a very small percentage of our dogs and cats are reunited with their owners. They arrive without identification and are never claimed. We have received Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Boerbulls, Labs, Yorkies , Poodles, JR’s, and recently even a Chihuahua. They are all , without doubt pets. Amazingly they are not claimed. Of course we also have a variety of cross breeds...our Liquorice Allsorts, all different to look at but oh so sweet. The cattery is always full. Each and every cat is beautiful and characters vary immensely.

Now for some facts ! Our Adoption Policy is a strict one. This is for the future well being of the animals that are re homed.
A pre- home check is carried out by our qualified Inspectors to ensure the home offered is safe, secure and  that the owners will take care of their new pet. Please note we do not re home dogs as guard dogs, only as pets. Post home checks are done to ensure the pets are healthy and happy. We reserve the right to refuse the adoption of any animal if the home offered does not meet with our requirements. Any adopted  animal that is not being cared for will be removed by the inspectors and returned to the SPCA.

All adopted dogs are sterilized for obvious reasons.

Now for the somewhat negative comments we have received. These refer to our policy not allowing adoption by  expatriates, diplomats and those whose period of residence in Zimbabwe is  only temporary in nature. Unfortunately most of the individuals living in Zim for only a few years( not covering the life-span of a cat or dog) are unable to take their pets with them when they leave. Sometimes dogs and cats are left behind in the care of new non-residents who actually do not want them and do not take care of them. Some are abandoned and others are dumped at the SPCA without any provision for their future. I personally know a kind lady who has taken it upon herself to care for a dog that is on the premises where she lives. The new owners inherited the dog from ex-pats who have left and do not care where it is or if it is fed. It is a long-haired dog that has not been groomed or loved. What if this lady had chosen to ignore this needy animal? An investigation is being carried out re a foreigner who ordered a puppy be thrown out on the road as it had chewed a cable. The domestic worker hid the pup and asked the SPCA to help. I wonder where these people got their dog from? NOT US. Please understand that we are not trying to put all diplomats and ex-pats in a bad light. So many could offer a perfect home for a short period of time and some even only travel to countries where they can take their dogs and cats. How do we judge people and where do we draw the line ?

A note to those who breed...I invite you to take a walk around our surgery and kennels. Look into the eyes of the caged animals, behind bars. So many of them were once beloved pets. They were sold  or given to “good homes” Now they are living in a kennel, waiting and trusting that the person they loved unconditionally will return for them. Come and visit some of the  sad ,old, senior animals that have had to fend for themselves on the streets. They have the scars to prove this. I can tell you they have been replaced by another cute pup or kitten. They will probably never find a new home. I will personally give you the grand tour of a place I find extremely hard to work in. I will reserve a place for those pups when they grow up and are abandoned, abused and neglected. To me this is hell, to the animals salvation...but for how long.


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