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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Community notices

 I would like to make you aware of an incident that happened to us last night. Myself & my Father-in-Law went to collect my Sister-in-Law & her boyfriend who were arriving on the SA flight at 21:20. We drove from the airport & as we approached the traffic lights at the Harare Quarry / Sorting Office, there was an almighty bang, the rear window of our vehicle was smashed & the culprit/s made off with a small Polo bag. The bag contained an iPad, SLR Cannon Camera, two pairs of Oakley sunglasses, a wallet & one SA passport in the name of Benhard Pretorius. We did an immediate u-turn & saw the culprit/s hop over the quarry wall. We zoomed round the corner & entered the quarry accompanied by one of the quarry security guards. We drove round as much of the quarry as possible but to no avail.
Compliments to the quarry guards who were great & ran around looking for the culprit/s.
Please can you let everyone know & be aware that these guys are operating there.
Reply from Mike Van Blerk -   this route has been the target of crime for decades. I am sorry to hear of this horrible incident and the impact it must have made.
The completion of the airport road dualisation will remove this risk. We hope to make better progress this year which has been hampered by the City not handing over cleared corridors for construction drawing the timeframe out to date. We will continue to push for corridor clearance as much as possible with a view to completing the road structure in 2013.
I will pass on your compliments re the security personnel at the Dieppe Municipal Quarry.
Our Dog called ‘ Fugly ‘ went missing last night on New Years eve ... She is half a British Bull dog, and half a Staffie. Almost white in the face and a light brown colour in the body.... she has never left our property on her own before, and must of panicked with the fireworks. She is 11yrs old and has trouble walking. She is a very gentle dog ,and will be very frightened at this stage. If anyone has any knowledge as to where she is please contact.. Andrew and Belinda Bould, 11 Argyll Drive , Highlands, Tel .. 776314  ( home ), cell .. 0772202267 .
I was pleased to note that the centre islands along the Bulawayo Road from Tynwald into town were been trimmed and cut on New Year’s Day. There has obviously been a tree planting exercise on these islands at some time as now the new trees can be seen.  Unfortunately all the rubbish on the islands can now also been see,  Harare is such a dirty city. I wonder if anyone will be sent out to clean up all this rubbish in the near future?
Our house was broken into on the 27th December. The thieves made off with 2 HP Laptops (1 brand new) and my Sony Cyber-Shot camera. Please, if anyone is offered a laptop with any info on it pertaining to Rob Duncan from Montana Meats, could they get in touch via email or on 0772 204095, 0772 286834. Thank you (
Hi Mike, we picked up a female Jack Russell yesterday afternoon (27/12) along Montgomery Rd. She is very friendly and jumped into the car. Her tail hasn't been docked, and she is a fairly long haired dog. We took her to Kamfinsa Vets, so if someone is looking for her she's waiting there for you! 
Jack Russell found this morning along Harry Pichanick Drive, Alex Park.  He is white with tan markings, about 8 years old, very friendly and well behaved.  He is presently at Highlands Vet phone 490629.

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