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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I would just like to make a short comment, why are we always talking about spaying bitches!!! I have 3 bitches and I have been responsible and all are spayed but what about MALE DOGS!!! It is often cheaper to castrate your male dog, and they can impregnate many bitches. I think every dog owner must be responsible for their dogs whether male or female AND MEN STOP FEELING SORRY FOR TALKING ABOUT HAVING YOUR DOGS CASTRATED, it is for their own good. I am also a runner and you know bitches are in heat when you have a PACK of male dogs running around. I also hit one of these “PACK” dogs, and when I went to help it, it ran away. If we are all responsible we could stop many dogs being injured on the roads and people being threatened by these unruly packs.
On the subject of verges – it is illegal to put rocks/boulders to prevent encroachment but it is legal to place wooden stakes (which are less likely to inflict damage to vehicles).
On the subject of people placing obstacles on their road verges to prevent vehicles going on to them, these are inevitably the users (abusers) of scarce underground water resources to keep their lawns and verges green. The City Council owns all verges, not the property owners. You are fully entitled to park on them in the event of a breakdown for example.
 In response to the below message I would just like to give a safety warning about Tongogara/Princess Road and the right turn into Harare Drive at night.  Be very careful of that route at night as I had my window smashed and my bag snatched on Christmas eve at the Sherwood Drive intersection which is just down the road.  Fortunately the dog squad came out and they were excellent and I retrieved  most of my belongings like keys, id, drivers license etc but obviously the money, cell phones and my flash sticks very gone.  At the Sherwood Drive intersection the road is very bad and there is a road sign in the middle of the road.  There are no street lights and the grass is very long so you cannot see if anyone is lurking there.  They then run off into the vlei between there and the new Chinese complex.
Agreed! The Municipality owns the land outside our property walls, no-one has the right to place dangerous boulders right on the edge of the road to protect their verges. Should one have to swerve to miss a pothole/animal/pedestrian and hit one of these boulders thus damaging their car, the owner of the property will be liable for the repair costs. I confirmed this some time ago with a traffic officer from Highlands Police station. Why people are not fined and made to remove these obstructions is beyond me!
In reply to the author re the Red claw crayfish, I have a feeling that his facts are not quite correct. I believe that Peter Anderson was farming fresh water prawns and not lobsters.
I went to the movies on Thursday last week to watch Breaking Dawn, there are three options of seating - the 'lovers nest' which is two seats together with the middle arm removed - not great but sweet, located in the middle of the cinema. There are 'VIP' seats which are larger arm chairs made up of two rows at the back of the cinema, and there are normal seats. The 'lovers nest' and 'VIP' seats are USD8 and normal USD4. We managed to get the 'VIP'
seats on Thursday and there were about a dozen people in the cinema. I also went on Friday, the cinema was full and we missed out on the 'VIP' seats, but the normal ones were very comfortable.

I can confirm the cinema was clean, toilets spotless, staff welcoming. A very pleasant experience in all. I needed a jersey on Thursday when the cinema was empty but not on Friday when it was full.
The contact details for Westgate are 04-701 933;

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