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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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On the subject of people placing obstacles on their road verges to prevent vehicles going on to them, these are inevitably the users (abusers) of scarce underground water resources to keep their lawns and verges green.
 The City Council owns all verges, not the property owners. You are fully entitled to park on them in the event of a breakdown for example.
Just had a silver mercedes with licence plate number ACD4222 pull up to the gate and 2 guys, one big guy and another guy, just walked in and when went to look what they want they asked about if this was the house for sale. Knew what they were doing, so told them that it was at the ends of the road.
Still looks like these guys are trying their luck.
All the news in Fisherman is interesting. This latest says the red claw crayfish was introduced a decade ago. Those who remember Kariba around 1980 will recall that the New Zealander float-plane pilot Peter Anderson operated from his Lake Air base near Cutty Sark Hotel. He had small crayfish in ponds for a breeding programme, which looked similar to these fellows. He sold his business-less the float plane-to Frik and Sue Maas, and we served crayfish tails to our first Christmas guests soon after we opened Tiger Bay on the Ume shoreline in 1982.
I would like to comment on the complaint about the boulders being placed on the edge of the properties – I am a woman living on my own and felt very threatened when all the passing commuter omnibuses began to stop on my verge to pick and drop off their passengers. I have therefore placed boulders there in order to stop them and as a result feel a lot safer.  
On a recent trip to SA I saw that KFC have an initiative running called Feed a Hungry Child. One can opt to Feed a Hungry Child for R2 (I think) & they add it to your bill. You are given a sticker to pop on your shirt etc. Wouldn’t it be great if Innscor could do the same? Maybe $0.50 to Feed a Hungry Child? If their staff were trained to offer this to every customer then I’m certain it will be a huge success. I’m sure Rotary would be happy to administer this, to ensure community confidence in the initiative.
I have kennelled our two little dogs with  SPCA   on three occasions.  And have been nothing but happy with them, their always seem clean when we collect then the kennel. Is always. Clean.  Definitely I recommend. I will not take them anywhere else.
An enormous Thank You to Des Hacker for her informative letter on SPCA. She and her team at SPCA plus all the volunteers that give freely of their time are part of the tiny community of "Guardians of the Planet" - those small groups of people all over the world who care passionately about animals and environment and who work selflessly and tirelessly to either increase awareness of the plight of certain species or environments or provide safe havens for those animals in need. We all need to take a good look at ourselves and ask what we are doing to help heal the mess we are making of our beautiful planet!
Dog Breeding MUST stop regardless of pressure from friends requesting puppies from people with adorable bitches.  Apart from the lure of the money at $600-700 a puppy, sometimes even as much as $950 -, pressure from friends is a big reason for people breeding.  Forget about what The Law states on Dog Breeding……like most Laws in Zimbabwe,  this is ignored because nobody is checking and enforcing it .  so it is up to the responsibility and honesty  of bitch owners to have them spayed.  But with money, money, money at stake,  what hope?
Charara New Year: We attended the party “with our “children” all over 19 and they had a great time, as did we from the safedistance of our boat, we went and checked out the venue, tickets, security etc early in the evening with them and all was organised in a very efficient way. They enjoyed the evening and agree, no dramas reported or hear of so well done to the organisers.

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