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Monday, January 21, 2013

From Dave Reeeler on Gun Control

"Gun Control ..... Bum Control. So what’s all the shit about Gun Control ? The Rules are simple, everyone has a’ Basic Human Right’ to own guns. Providing they are qualified to own them. Automatic and semi-automatic rifles are classified as ‘arms of war’ and should only be used by the Military. ( and even that is questionable) Ordinary citizen have no reason to own ‘arms of war’ .... end of story. The only valid reason for ordinary citizens to own guns is for sport , hunting or personal self-defence. It’s as simple as that. Zimbabwe has the best gun laws around, and other Countries should be guided by them. All Zimbabwean gun owners are vetted by the police, their houses are inspected for security reasons, and all owners must belong to a Gun Club or hunting association. It’s the Clubs responsibility to instruct the owners as to the use of the gun, with safety in mind ! Hunting is strictly controlled by the Government, ammunition is also strictly controlled, and the police are sympathetic to homeowners who have guns ....... we are not the criminals. The penalties for possession of an illegal gun are stiff, as they should be. Zimbabwe has less the 5 illegal incidences a year involving ordinary Citizens and guns. I see no problem with these Rules, they are commonsense. Biltong anyone ?"

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