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Monday, January 28, 2013

Friday night attack

Yesterday evening at 1714 hrs I stopped outside the entrance  to #31 Ridgeway North. I had just drawn cash from the Pomona Barclays ATM.
I locked my vehicle and had entered the property to talk to the one of the members of staff. I was standing 30 meters inside on the driveway when I heard the sound of a vehicle window being smashed followed by the vehicle alarm being triggered.
As I ran to the gate I saw a very well dressed youngish man running over Ridgeway North with my black briefcase/computer bag being concealed under his jacket. He jumped into a SERIES 5 SKY BLUE BMW that had another 4 men inside who also appeared to be well dressed. The vehicle drove off at speed up Ridgeway North AND HAD NO NUMBER PLATES ON THE REAR and turned right into Selous Road.
As I  turned to get into my vehicle to give chase I noticed that the left rear tyre was flat and had obviously had been punctured.

The public should be made aware of this incident as there is absolutely NO DOUBT that I had been watched drawing the money at the ATM and was specifically targeted.
These men were extremely brazen and efficient in the execution of this incident as it was done completely in the open and in front of two pedestrians who told me that the individual who conducted the “Hit” walked up to my vehicle and made out as if he was getting a cigarette out of his pocket whilst looking through the front passenger window. He then looked like he had dropped something from his pocket and bent down to “Pick it up” and must have stabbed the tyre then as when he stood up he smashed the left front window and grabbed the brief case off the floor and ran off.

The brief case had a sizable quantity of cash in it as well as an I phone. Fortunately I had my wallet with all the normal ID cards etc on me at the time.

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