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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Community notices

Gigi the Maltese missing from Dandaro on 27/12/12 was handed in to Chisi Vet - thanks to Debby and others who saw her running down Ridgeway and followed her to a house in Turnagain Lane. The SPCA came and collected her and she was safely collected on 1/1/13. Owners are ecstatic and hugely grateful to all.  I hope that all the other missing animals are found soon.
I was driving up King George Road to turn right at Lomagundi Road. I saw a combi bus stop at the lights in front of me and the passenger dropped his lunch packet through the window onto the road. One of the vendors on the corner went across and picked up the packet and shoved it back through the window and proceeded to tell off the driver before he drove away. It is great to see that these people are interested in keeping the streets tidy.
There are numerous notices about lost dogs after the various New Year parties and their fireworks displays. Fortunately we were home to console our deeply traumatised dogs when the neighbours started their display. The next morning we found detritus from their fireworks in our garden and pool. The worst part of their display was the affect on our animals but we also have a thatched gazebo which caused concern. Luckily our house is not thatched!! Surely random fireworks displays in the suburbs should be banned or is there already a law in place that is ignored?
I am horrified at the amount of fireworks - very loud bomb type of fireworks, let off in Harare in the past week. Our poor animals and what a waste of money - it could have been donated to charities preferably VAWZ and SPCA who need the funding. They must be caring for many dogs who ran away from home in sheer panic from being so terrified and when their owners had left town for the holidays. BOO to the horrible person with the loud bomb fireworks near Dover Road/North Road, CHISIPITE - you should be ashamed of yourselves and your selfish behaviour. It was like being in a war zone. Not to mention the thatch houses around, hope none caught fire. FIREWORKS SHOULD BE BANNED!
It never fails to amaze me how many people lose their personal belongings by having them left in plain sight…  We live in Africa where the majority of people live in abject poverty, so it only stands to reason that theft is going to be high on their agenda.  It’s only common sense to keep all important and expensive belongings out of sight.  I keep my bag tucked under my legs at all times when driving with all doors locked; keep all items locked away safely even at home with long-running and trusted staff and when visiting people, keep my belongings next to me or on my person at all times….. and precious documents like passports etc even more so…..
I would be highly suspicious of break-ins where the thieves seem to know exactly where an item is.  90% of break-ins are an inside job.
If we chose to live in high volatile areas in this world, then we must chose to be more vigilant and aware – it’s as simple as that.
We had a wait of some 5 hours on the Botswana side of the Plumtree border entering Botswana. This was on 9 December. This was because of the Zim shoppers going to shop in Francis town. We decided not to return this route because of meeting the Zims returning to Zimbabwe after their shopping. We came back through a border south of Francis town into Zim.  It takes longer by road, but we were the only people there at 1 pm on 16 Nov. It does however cost Pula 240 on entering Botswana and driving through to Martins Drift.  Pula 170 coming back. But the border crossing was easier.
 I had also heard that the Zim border at Beit Bridge had cleaned up its act, but until SA does the same, it is going to be a long process.
Cutting down of Trees.  Driving down Sam Njumo, on Sunday 23rd December I was totally astounded to see one of our beautiful Flamboyant Trees on the Golf Course side been hacked down!!!!!!!.  What is going on?  Are all our old beautiful trees being chopped down at midnight for those carvings/bowls sold on the side of the road.  Please dont anyone come back and say its for safety reasons, that gets done during a working day by the City of Harare NOT at midnight by the thieves.  

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