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Monday, March 4, 2013



Crime is definitely on the increase again …. From petty theft onwards.  Please be aware and alert at ALL times, we do have a high unemployment level, and many people loitering on verges and street corners.  Many of the break ins have been arbitrary folk, who are desperate and have even commented on the fact ….. It’s a matter of survival.
Let’s make all staff, be it domestic or work wise aware that security is on high alert, and to check  before letting ANYONE onto the premises, if they have not been given instructions they must call you first, before admitting people.  Where possible keep gates locked in daylight hours as well, some are bold and just walk in with all sorts of reasons as to why they are there ….. It’s happening, be warned.
We can report, that some properties have been saved from break-ins as the alarm has been activated and will go off, thus disturbing the arbitrators who have then run off empty handed.  Grills are essential even in the day, keep them locked. Keep all security equipment in good working order.
If you use your alarm there is less chance of a serious break in and theft. (Prevention is better than loss!!!)
Test your alarm and remotes regularly, and invest in sufficient back up power to ensure that it is working at all times.
If you do not have an alarm then think about getting one (a small alarm will bring you and immediate benefit).
An alarm linked to a response service is more effective .If they know there is a response on the way will make a hasty retreat.
 Take note of your dogs barking, often they are alerting you, but please do not leave them out at night, there have been cases reported of poisoning, this is very stressful and in most cases are fatal. If the dogs are barking inside, it’s a deterrent and you can alert or call for assistance.
Areas reported are Mount Pleasant, Northwood, Highlands, Newlands, Bluff Hill, Eastlea Greendale & Emerald Hill. 


Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE ! 


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