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Sunday, March 3, 2013


We are facing a water crisis at Harare SPCA Surgery and Kennels. There has been no municipal water for 3 weeks and our borehole appears to have dried up. Our staff are doing their absolute best to wash and disinfect kennels by carting water around in buckets. There are approximately 200 dogs in kennels and more at the surgery, as well as many cats.

We have one 5000 l tank at our surgery and one 5000 l tank and a 10 000 l tank at the kennels. Some water has been very kindly donated to us by a bulk water carrier and now we have  accepted a kind donation of water that will be pumped out of a nearby river and delivered to us .Thank goodness for people who willingly offer help in this way.

Should members of the  public take the time to pop in and visit us we would like them to understand that we are doing our best considering the circumstances. We have volunteers taking home all the bedding for washing and  others arriving with containers of water to help us out. Our workload has quadrupled. We usually hose all he kennels 3 times per day. This simply is not possible at the moment. If only it would rain ! The staff are carrying  and buckets cleaning kennels to the best of their ability. Water bowls constantly need filling up and dipping of dogs must continue. Feed dishes need washing  and kennels need disinfecting....and the flies have taken full advantage of all of this.

We understand that plans are underway to rectify the problems. We have no idea how long this will take. The dogs  and cats still have full tummies and a safe shelter to sleep in J  The lost are awaiting the arrival of their owners, the sick are being treated and we are doing our best to find new homes for the many, many surrenders that arrive on a daily basis.

Remember to have your pets neutered and micro chipped.

Des Hacker

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