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Monday, March 4, 2013

Drugs in Zimbabwe

I know that smoking dagga is very prevalent amongst our youth.  I witnessed a group of varsity students at new year on a houseboat openly smoking dagga with the help of a tin can.  Dagga is very cheap and available  to our youngsters, and the sad fact is that they all think it is ok to smoke dagga and drive.  I truly believe that not many parents are aware of how many of their children are smoking dagga on a regular basis.  What is also prevalent is the use of steroids and testosterone (sometimes even equine testosterone is used) amongst our children who are playing sport (schools countrywide have the same problem) , maybe we are putting too much pressure on them to succeed on the rugby field or in the water polo pools.  These steroids although fairly expensive are freely available as well – it is just word of mouth.  I don’t believe that the kids using these black market drugs are informed enough about the long term side effects of what they are taking.  MILLIPIED   
I am looking for help voicing concern towards the behaviour of our communities youth. Recently, I have seen on Facebook, the advertisement of Parties hosted by zimbabwean youngsters who are under the age of 18. I would like an e-mail sent out to the community and especially parents, voicing concern about this, least to say disgusting behaviour. The one event that popped up on my Facebook Newsfeed was a party called “ Valentines Ripper: The Rebirth Of Alcoholics
To me this is very disrespectful, as I have battled the affects of alcohol abuse and alcoholism is rife in my Family. It’s a disease and can be just as bad as a terminal disease such as cancer. How Youngsters can want to be “alcoholics” will baffle me It is like someone saying “I want to get Cancer”  
Events posted by these youngsters such as this are highly disrespectful to people battling alcoholism and substance abuse. It’s a disease
As any other and it is a battle every day for the rest of your life. I think parents should control their youngsters and guide them to have better views on life and to stop the underage drinking. Turtle
Yes we definitely have a drug problem, though fortunately we are not as bad as South Africa. It seems as if this is more prevalent in the elite private schools where kids are targeted as they have ready cash to spend. I hear of “druglords” frequenting schools, school functions, night clubs where youung kids hang out, so that they can sell the drugs to vulnerable kids. The problem is mostly peer pressure- the need to be cool and to try out new things. In terms of what we can do, we just have to start from home, educating the young ones that taking drugs is a no no, and also monitoring our kids’ behaviours at all times. We also need to have a naming and shaming exercise because some of these druglords are known by our kids and with dialogue it would be prudent to let our children know that doing drugs is not cool AT ALL and also that they need to identify perpetrators to authorities or do this through their parents.- Very concerned parent
It is all well and good that we are aware of drugs etc and the problems but there is something of GREAT concern to me. This is that codine based drugs are available in this country, over the counter. I know a lady that is not young (people tend to associate drug problems with the youth) who chomps probably 15 Pynstop a day. These pills are available in bottles of 50 tablets! There are others as well, such as adcadol, stopayne and pure codine phosphate. This drug is highly addictive and causes a drowsy state, and then we have to share the roads with these dozy, buzzing people! Many pharmacists require details before handing over these drugs BUT the cunning addict will “pharmacy hop” to get a continuous supply. Their other trick is to ask someone to visit and then mention, oh please can you buy me XXX tablets on the way…

Trying to take control of an addict is futile and will only drive YOU nuts. Simply, do not assist them by funding the habit, sourcing the “fix”, ignoring it (mention that you are aware of it but it is THEIR choice), do not suffer the consequences of their actions and do not cover up for them.If aches and pains are ongoing for years, treatment is required and must be sought. That’s my 10 cents!
Yes, you've had a drugs problem in H-Town for a long time now. I've know people (going back a few years) that went to a party where there were plates of Cocaine available - FREE! Of course the trick was to get the kids (teenagers and older) on to it and then they build business from there. The police were being paid off by one of the biggest drug dealers in H-Town. He used to own a club in those days. Thankfully I don't party any more or should I correctly say, I don't party with the wrong people any more - so I don't have an up-to-date view. Thankfully I was never interested in using as I knew it would be a problem in the end.

But the problem is still there - if they have money they will get it. Peer pressure, how to look cool, how to feel cool, boredom, stupidity! The youth in this country are frustrated. They start smoking from a young age and drinking from a young age and think that is the only way to have fun and if you throw in some drugs, all the better! And yes, everyone has been ignoring it. But I have been told that it is STILL a HUGE business here, now governed by the moneyed diamond exploiters and some other moneyed people. "Teddy"

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