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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lions Kariba Area


There were two reports over the weekend that another 2 lion had been seen in two different areas but near the same general area that saw last weeks happenings.

Please note that whilst these are NOT proven man eaters, they are WILD ANIMALS and need to be treated with suspect, alertness and distance.

PARKS & WILDLIFE AUTHORITY – the area Manager for Charara Safari Area has asked that people be advised to AGAIN be alert and stay on open roads and not bush paths and avoid thick vegetation.

They are following up on the report as a matter of urgency and have, in the meantime advised head office, who are also dealing with the matter as fast as possible.

Should anymore sightings occur, please phone or sms or send “please call me back” sms to any of the below numbers immediately so follow up can be done urgently:

Mr Samson Chibaya – Area Manager, Charara Safari Area - 0773507436

Cavan Warren – 0772 690 915
Debbie Ottman – 0773 996 487 / 061 2764 / 061 2342
Sonya McMaster – 0772 874 352 / 061 /=2488

The email that I received and forwarded about the Lion Deaths in Kariba contained an incorrect piece of information. This was apparently taken off of “The Zimbabwean” web site as you can see from the heading.

A Ranger was actually wounded in the follow up and  not killed.

I apologies for this.

I cannot, however, check every email that is sent to me and, therefore, cannot take responsibility for them being 100% true.

Mike G

Good morning. Within 15 minutes of the the discovery of the lady who had been killed by a bite to the back of the neck by a lioness we, KAWFT set about contact the experts to find out if we could dart and remove the guilty lions to safe area area. (Apart from the bite to the back of the neck she had not been eaten in any way) The response was a reserved "it was worth a try" We then set about planning on going this route. In the late afternoon Parks found the second body or bits and pieces of it. After consulting with experts again we were advised to euthanise the lion/s concerned. This is what was done. It was handled in a very professional manner and was over on the second night.

 We did not enjoy what we HAD to do. I appreciate your concerns. There are other factors to be taken into account as well. Had it just been the lady that died and we had translocated the lions some of the locals would have been a bit upset at this. This would not of been a problem and could of been smoothed over. It was not a factor in the final decision though. 
It is a well known undisputed fact that these lions would of killed again. 
The two killings happened within two to three hundred meters of houses at Mahombekombe not Chawara.
The lions stayed in the same area next to houses for 4 days. 

I personally saw a lioness in the Chawara airport area some 3 weeks ago and we did not go on a killing spree.
In a perfect world we would all have our own transport  (like you and I) and it would not be necessary for people to take a chance to save many kilometers of walking by taking short cuts. I hope this helps with your much appreciated concerns. 
We at KAWFT apart from clearing snares also try to help people co-exist with the wild life in this area. Should you wish to assist in this regard please contact Sonia Mac Master or Debbie Ottman who will be only to glad to give you our account details,
Cavan Warren (KAWFT) 

Kariba lion deaths blamed on poachers


by Thabani Dube

An animal welfare organisation in Kariba has commended the National Parks
and Wildlife Management Authority for putting down lions that claimed two
human lives in separate attacks over the week, but blamed poachers for
causing the tragic incidents.

Cavan Warren of the Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust, in an interview with
The Zimbabwean, blamed the two deaths on poachers who laid a snare which
injured and infuriated a lioness.

Warren said the pride of three lions, a lioness and her two sub-adult cubs,
terrorised the Mahombekombe suburb of Kariba since Monday.

“The large lioness had fresh scars from a snare on its neck and one of its
back legs was injured. I think it is more than fair to say that the poacher
that laid the snare was responsible for the death of the two people and the
subsequent loss of the three lions,” said Warren.

“We can be rightfully be proud of the professional manner in the way this
exercise was carried out by Parks and other interested people involved,” he

“On Tuesday 5 March at approximately mid-day a report was received that a
lady (Sharon Mahwere, 43) had been killed by a lion not more than 200 meters
from the houses,” he narrated.

“Just prior to her death she was with a friend (Daniel Muzarabani) who was
able to get away and then informed the police. Parks was immediately
dispatched to the scene,” added Warren.

He said KAWFT was informed of the incident by the Parks Manager for the
Charara Safari Area, which covers Kariba, Samson Chibaya.

Parks officials who had been searching the area for the female victim
discovered a second body a (Jazel Meki Musenji, 77) who had been killed on 4
March and had been partially devoured by the lions.

A goat was sourced from a resident in order to bait the lions, but there was
no success during the first night.

Parks then launched extensive patrols and carried out awareness campaigns in
surrounding communities, to prevent further casualties, while a subsequent
ambush for the animals was carried out but unfortunately resulted in the
accidental death of a ranger during a shooting attempt at the canines.

“A crocodile trap was moved on to site and baited with a dead goat.

At 1400 hours a platform measuring three by one and a half by three meters
high was erected at a suitable distance from the croc trap.

Half a zebra carcass was hung two and a half meters off the ground near the
croc trap,” narrated Warren.

One cub was shot in the evening, while the other fell into the trap while
the lionesss, which had been evasive, was killed close to midnight on 7


I received a call from a very well known conservationist who (reading between the lines) was very concerned about the lion saga.
Rumours and news clippings had reached him that up to 7 lions were involved that might possibly be euthanised.

This is totally incorrect, 3 lions were euthanized only after experts from Parks and other sources weighed up all the the evidence and the situation on the ground
These 3 lions were in the immediate area of the deaths of two humans for 4-5 nights.

They had lost all fear of  and had almost totally devoured the first victim.

At the time of writing there are no more Man Eaters wondering around and the people involved in this exercise are not on a killing spree !!  

However if there are REPEATED sightings of lion in future, in very close proximity to Kariba town, there will be serious consideration by KAWFT to approach Parks and Wild life Authority for approval to Dart and remove them from the area.

The responsibility for the death of the two humans lies squarely with the person who laid the wire that the lioness had walked into.

Cavan Warren  
For and on behalf of (KAWFT)
Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust

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