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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Car seats. It's so pathetic when you see a parent with a child in the front or leaning over them from the back. I stopped once and politely told one dad to strap his son in the back seat and consider getting a care seat. Yoooh I got more than a mouthful from the dad. Sad, I was trying to help him or make him aware of safety. I will not stop telling these stupid parents about car seats.
We buy special cases to protect our snazzy sunglasses and high tech covers for our telephones - why not put your kids in a safe and secure seat. You can replace your car but not your kids. And if cost is your excuse, switch your DSTV off or stop drinking for a month. We choose to bring our kids into this world, so let’s protect our greatest treasures – our children. Blessed Mum.
I wholeheartedly agree with the parent who states that children should always be in the correct safety seat for their age or weight. My five year old (small for her age) is still in a car seat and will soon move onto a booster seat. Even sitting on the back seat with a normal seat belt on, a small child is not protected in the event of a collision as the seatbelt will not be properly positioned and the child will most likely either slip right through the belt or even sustain an injury from the belt itself. As for those children sitting in the front seat or standing up in the back between the seats, chances are they will go straight through the windscreen. Booster seats ensure that older children are properly positioned for the seatbelt, while the younger age car seats add an additional level of protection for children who are not heavy / big enough for adult seat belts to work effectively by having a separate age and height appropriate harness. It seems that in this country people are willing to wait for there to be a tragedy within our own community before they will act on this rather than learning from international experience on what is best for keeping our children safe. Car seats may be expensive, but come on, if you can afford a car you can manage a hundred or so extra dollars for a car seat! Concerned mom of two
Hit & Runs - I had a similar experience at the bend in Rolf Avenue Saturday week ago in the afternoon. An impatient driver of a  Mercedes Benz (Black - no number plates) overtook us and a slow bakkie in front of us on the S bend on Rolf Avenue before the Ballantyne Park stream. This was incredibly dangerous.
My daughter had a similar experience one afternoon some time back with a vehicle overtaking on the S bend closer to St Johns. She narrowly missed a head-on collision and had to  veer off the road  between the white directional poles - not sure of the vehicle description - it happened so fast.
Hats off to Kariba resident's.  As a long term solution though I think we should focus more seriously on educating people and fining them heavily for littering.
Kariba - These are incredible initiatives…..something so positive for zimbos to focus on through the multitude of negative stories!!! Are there similar being rolled out in other places like bullies and vic falls/Hwange? Would be great for some clever writer to do a story for international news distribution to show that zimbos can do great things and get some positive attention. Need to get our clients and guests involved perhaps in sponsorship for cleaning teams or t shirts/caps for the helpers to boost their pride in the country? After all it all comes back to a healthy environment.
At 8.15 am I went to Cabs Chisipite. From there along Hindhead to Harare Drive I noticed a small blue car, with only a driver, behind me. At the Pringle Road Cross this was replaced by a white corolla with three men, it stayed close behind me until the hump  before the Arcturus crossover, where it made a vain attempt to level and head me into the roadside. Few cars and people around.   Foot down I sped across Arcturus Road down Harare Drive to the Samora Michel roundabout with this corolla in hot pursuit, where it gave up the chase. Lucky I had a more powerful car and realised from Hindhead something was a foot. So beware if a small one person car stays on your tail, it could be  a look out sending information to the real thieves.
Re-safety, the fine for  holding and using a cell phone in a car in UK is GBP1000.00!
Hi mike here is a website, I found on Ethanol, myths and facts, there are in fact plenty of websites that will resolve anyone’s concerns,
Driving along Glenara towards Samora Machel at the intersection of Robert Mugabe/Glenara last night (monday), while waiting for the traffic light the passenger window was smashed, it was about 19.45 my empty lunch bag was taken of the passenger seat. I reported the incident to the rhodesville police who promptly set of with a rifle to go and check. It happens within a split second, there is no time to react, maybe some sort of trap should be set
I have just been to get a Returning Resident stamp in my passport.   The last time I went to Immigration as few years ago it was a bit of a scruffy shambles.
I was so pleased to see that the staircase was clean and sweet-smelling, the offices painted, orderly queues with signs above each window advising what each one was for, a helpful and smiling doorman to advise you, and the officers in smart  uniforms, all very helpful and efficient.  WELL DONE IMMIGRATION.
IT REALLY MAKES ONE FEEL GOOD TO SEE THINGS COMING UP  AGAIN. Pambere Zimbabwe. (Signed: A 1946 Immigrant)

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