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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


HI All, Just looking through these recent comments I see so many spelling mistakes! – is it because we are rushing to reply to emails, poor schooling or because no one has shown us how to use spell check? –Readers often send me instances where I have used bad grammar. I welcome these so keep them coming! Mike
Hi Mike having had some experience of working with a group of national cricketers years ago, it seems these guys all have something in common – they are profoundly selfish. I know it’s unfair to generalize but it seems to me when you play cricket as an amateur it’s for fun but the minute it becomes a profession it changes you from a team player into a self centred prima donna, and arrogance comes with it. Maybe it’s because cricket is such a fundamentally uncertain career where you live and die by your individual results and can get dropped quickly when you don’t perform as an individual – unlike other team sports like football and rugby where its more about collective output (goals and tries etc) than individual runs and wickets. Whatever the reason top notch cricketers tend to be very self centred.
Just thought I should let you know so maybe you could warn any of your readers in the Bluff Hill area, we had a break in last night.. Seems they were after the gate motor again but luckily were unsuccessful.. They are breaking in the wall panels near the gate and getting in that way..
Please allow me to voice my concerns regarding an incident that occurred on Saturday morning
My seventeen year old daughter was travelling home from gym along Borrowable road and as she was turning onto Churchill road the car behind her failed to see that she had stopped for oncoming cars and smashed into her causing an accident and pushing my daughters car forward almost in line with oncoming traffic
My daughter being young and a new driver obviously got a huge fright and was in a bit of shock so started to cry as she exited her car to assess the damage, what surprised me is that the driver of the car that hit her showed no remorse for what he had done and left it up to my daughter to call the police
To make matters worse almost every car that passed this accident slowed down to look at my daughter crying by her car but not one person stopped to see if she was ok  or needed help
Luckily she managed to get hold of me and my wife and we went to the scene and managed to sort everything out, only once I was on the scene did two people I know personally offer to stop and assist
My wife had to go and fetch a policewoman from Highlands  who I must say was very helpful and sympathetic to my daughter
I cannot believe that the citizens of this town who profess to be friendly and helpful would not stop to help a young girl in distress, I find this appalling
My wife and I have stopped on numerous occasions to assist drivers of all ages that have been in accidents and have always had the belief that people would come to our assistance should we need it, obviously we are wrong because all people are interested in is looking at what has happened and driving on
Just wanted you to circulate, To be on the look out in Avondale area, on Thursday night had dinner at
fishmongers restaurant, when I came out, my two tyres on the passenger side had been let down by thiefs. Think the guard that works for fishmongers may be in on it, or was just sleeping!!! Luckily I picked up on it early, and had some friends come to the rescue before anything else happened.
I travel to and from city from helensvale twice daily and I loose count of the numbers of vehicles I see with young kids standing up in the front
leaning on the dash board or worse still standing up on the front seat.  I actually asked a woman at the robots the other day if she loved her child. She looked at me like I was a madwoman. Her 3 year old was standing up in front, no car seat, no seat belt. I asked her what she thought would happen to her child if she had to brake suddenly or swerve.  It boggles my mind.
I was with a friend at Fishmonger on East Road last Wednesday 5.30. Very few vehicles in the guarded car park. We started our meeting and in about 15 minutes - so still light - one of the guards came in to say my friend's vehicle had been broken into. Back window smashed - laptop stolen from back seat. (Yes - it should not have been there - but the car park is supposed to be guarded). Lifetime of work on the laptop.
Management did not seem to take any effective action. The Avondale Police did come. I have been back twice to talk to the guards - each time they have given me a completely different story - the second story even had it that there were two men accompanying my friend and who dropped off at the Fishmonger. This is not the case - there was nobody else in the vehicle but they are seeking to claim that the theft occurred before the vehicle was parked under their watch.

So - be careful in the Fishmonger car park.

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