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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Community News

The draft constitution is on the Useful Info page
Regarding the young girl who had the accident – I had a similar thing happen to me about 2 years ago.  I was coming down Enterprise Road at about 10pm (completely sober) and a dog ran out on the road – I swerved and over corrected and ended up spinning off the road into a ditch.  2 cars watched this happen and slowed down to watch me, very shakily, get out my car and then drove off again.  They didn’t even stop and ask if I was ok through the window.  I managed to get hold of my fiancée but I sat there by myself waiting for him, at night, in a car that was obviously wrecked.  Not ONE person stopped to make sure I was ok – a 25 year old girl visibly shaking and crying on the side of the road at night.
I know just how the parents of the 17 year old girl involved in an accident feel !  Not too long ago I had some car trouble and was having to do alot of driving around on my own during the day (luckily not at night).  On a number of occasions I broke down and pulled over to the side of the road and would get out and lift the bonnet and then have to phone my hubby.  Sometimes he would be too busy to come right away and I would spend hours standing next to my car while hundreds of people would drive past and STARE at me as if I had done something wrong or stupid.  Where are people’s manners ???  I have noticed a distinct lack of concern or even consideration for other people in this town and my parents who have recently returned to Zim after 8 years out of the country are constantly appalled at the attitudes they see around here now.  Everyone for themselves. . .
I routinely switch off my zesa everyday when I leave for work and switch on again at six, not only saving the world but my wallet as well, a saving of about 60% off my bill.
Just to let you know I was involved in a smash and grab last night around 10.00 pm at the robots at the R. Mugabe/Glenara Junction returning from the airport. They smashed the nearside rear window and stole my son's cabin bag. Please warn everyone again of the dangers of the airport pick up at night
This TED video is a MUST VIEW for anyone involved in the training and education of our children – and our adults too.  Please circulate
What is the best way to secure a gate motor, the water tank pump and borehole pump.  We have cages, and locks around our equipment. Also a night guard on our property.  But is does not seem to deter the  thieves from trying to gain access onto the property to try and remove something. The gate motor has been taken once. Another attempt made at 1.30 am on Monday. A hoe and a stick were found lying on the driveway after two thieves were chased away from my gate by the guard.  He thinks they may have been planning to dig for the borehole pump!  The Avondale police promised to send a detail to patrol in our area. They suggested that we set up our own neighbourhood watch or security detail.

I was also involved in a road accident about 2 years ago when a taxi turned in front of me in the Lomagundi/Golden Stairs road.  No one stopped to help me and I was left surrounded by about 15 local bystanders for over an hour dealing with the police and accident report.   Fortunately I could still drive my car home. Oh, and the policeman man asked me for a lift back to the Avondale Police Station.

Everyone for themselves!
I have also had a similar experience with a youngish purple crested lourie.  We found it sitting on the ground and I was astounded to be able to approach it and pick it up with a broom handle!  It seemed to be clearly tame, but when I spoke to dear old Bruce Austen (ex Head of Hwange) and my neighbour, he told me that they were often very easy to pick up and mistaken for being tame birds.  We put it on a branch and after a couple of hours it flew off!
I also live in Bluff Hill and my motor was stolen last bight and the neighbours too. I am intrigued to know what security system (if any) they have in place.
I visited a friend on Barnstaple Road around 5pm on Monday and she told that she had visited a neighbour whose son had nearly been killed by thieves on Sunday morning. These cheeky thieves thought no-one was at home, probably gone to Church. They started by removing the panels of their kitchen door one by one, this is a stable door. The young man was sleeping but was woken up by the noise. When he wanted to find out what was happening, he met the thieves in the passage and they hit him with an iron bar that could have killed him. He had to have stitches in his head. They managed to get away with a TV and some other item, cant remember what it was. The get away car was parked outside the gate.
I understand last Sunday, 10 houses were broken into during the morning. Please when going to Church put on your alarm systems.
Good day.

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