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Thursday, March 7, 2013

From a concerned motorist

We recently witnessed a prominent businessman who is alleged in social circles to consume recreational drugs on a regular basis, become involved in a hit and run with another motorist on Enterprise Road at approximately 6am Saturday 2013.

This businessman was coming from the city along the new Enterprise Road bypass extremely fast an due to his alleged intoxication or lack of sleep, or both, kept veering to the right hand side of the road almost causing many accidents.

We decided to follow this expensive bronze 4x4 suv at a safe distance until an opportunity presented itself to stop him and remove the car keys. This never happened.

Due to the speed of the "chase" we are not entirely sure where the hit & run occurred, but it was somewhere between Ridgeway North/ South & Enterprise intersection & Nazareth House entrance. A green or blue mpv or people carrier type car, like a Toyota Raum heading toward the city was almost hit head on by the driver of the expensive bronze suv. Moments before impact, and by the grace of God, the driver of the bronze suv realising he was leaving the road yet again, swerved hard left and glanced off the green or blue people carrier. The bronze suv was scraped down the right front fender.

The driver of the bronze suv continued faster still, up to Chisipite roundabout where he hit the traffic island which he was about to cross at great speed, blowing out his right rear tyre. Miraculously the suv didnt turn over as he continued to cut across the roundabout and continue along Enterprise Road, again at great speed even with a blown out right rear tyre !

We managed to catch up with him shortly after the Grange service station where he was stationary in the middle of the road. As we were about to leave our vehicle to "apprehend'' him he sped off again into Kambanje.

Since this incident, it is alleged that the same businessman was involved in another traffic accident on Saturday 3 March, allegedly writing off his vehicle,( not the expensive suv) and injuring one of his passengers.

The reason for making this report is twofold. Firstly so that the family involved in the hit & run can try and track this businessman down, and secondly that the businessman himself takes responsibility for his actions before he does this again and seriously injures or kills an innocent person or persons.

Concerned Motorist

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