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Monday, March 4, 2013

Harare Nightclubs

HI All – I have been in comms with Maurice Levy about the incident at H2O last week and I have taken the following comments from his reply. Regards Mike G
“....I have looked in to the matter and still digging as I am upset about it.

1) The perpetrators in the car park did not enter the club and apparently lurk around other  venues harassing people
2) I have placed extra security moving ahead outside to handle and protect our guests from such abuse
3) I would like to take strong action to prevent this as well as bring those guilty to book ......”
To the lady who made the comments implying that my daughter was inappropriately dressed, had been drinking and was too young to be there. 
If even one of your MANY theories (ALL IN DEFENCE OF THE BOYS ) where correct are we saying that the boys behaviour is acceptable.   For the record my daughter is 20 years old , she was dressed more than appropriately and doesn't drink. It never a ceases to amaze me how when people put information out to the public to help prevent something like this happening again that you get people who feel that they need to defend and justify the actions of the guilty  rather than take heed of the advice to a avoid another situation . 
Thanks for following this up with the Levy’s and I am relieved to hear that they at least sounded concerned. Please re-iterate in your next email that while readers may have some valid comments about why the young lady was there, etc, etc – they must NOT take the focus away from the appalling fact that a bunch of out of hand, alcohol or drugs related, young men threatened this girl with appalling acts, en masse(how v brave!!)  – THEY, AND their parents  are the ones to be charged with such fierce criticism. The girl’s mother did say in her email that they did not plan for her to be waiting outside – these oversights occur as any parent of a teenager knows full well. So let’s focus and discipline these boys before a shocking incident hits our headlines.
Re the H2O incident with the Indian youth threatening the girls father with firearms, this in itself is a criminal offence in the firearms act. It is punishable by court and a firearms offence carries a mandatory jail term.
Just a comment about H2O , on more than one occasions I have seen 15 year olds living it up inside... what about the age limit? Should this not be the club's responsibility? 
PLEASE share my comment with everyone too - I hope it will be supportive to the parents who are probably still distressed by this incident (as well as, unfortunately, the comments they received from some of your readers).  I agree with the 'name and shame the offenders' comment - we must do what we can to keep our community safe -  and was disappointed and shocked by the others which seemed to contain an awful lot of BLAMING THE VICTIMS. In the name of all that is rational and fair, what difference does it make what the girl was wearing? Are men such vile beings that the sight of woman in a short skirt compels them to violate?! What an insulting idea to decent people, both men and women. The parents were very responsible picking her up and not allowing her to go with anyone else in a car with possible drunk driver or strangers, but if anyone's parenting is to be called into question it must be that of the horrible pack of youths that assaulted this family. Some of those comments to the parents must be so offensive! I am sure that peer-to-peer enquiries can find out who the culprits are.
Its all very well and good being holier than thou about this. I say thank you for the trusting parents who thought that all was ok in Zim for awakening people to reality! Also all citizens around us must come to the party and help in case of trouble!!
I would just like to say the many of the readers comment on how you could leave your daughter out at this time, and how she was left alone and how this reflects bad parenting. I however disagree with these statements ,because how can we have tabs on our children all the time throughout the day, this is impossible as teens don't want to be tracked every minute by their parents. There is only so much a parent can do their side when it comes to things like these, teens should become aware themselves about the dangers and the precautions to take. As for the family I’m glad the incident didn't escalate and these thugs should be named and shamed.

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