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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Addictions from Steve

I have lived through the Zim culture of alcohol and drug abuse.

Growing up, booze was always around and never did my family nor their friends go anywhere without a cooler box.

As this was the norm and how everyone lived I thought it the only way a "man" was a man. This lead me into serious issue when it took over my life completely.

I truly believe that the booze leads to other addiction be it smoking cigarettes or cocaine it is all one and same (addiction).

I have been clean of all booze and drugs now for 7 years, giving up when I was 23. Still today people look at me side ways when I decline a drink, thus showing how abnormal it is not to drink.

Parents need to understand that their children learn from them and even if there is no sign of addiction in a family there is always a chance of learnt behaviour going wrong.

In RSA there are many institutes and groups that offer help to parents spouses and kids of addiction however I'm not too sure where. This is a grave concern as support groups, or just people who have lived through addiction, need to help those who can be helped before there is a huge social problem in Harare.

I am no certified addiction therapist, but have had a lot experience with addicts and will definitely help anyone who would like to talk or may need some advice.

If anyone contacts you regarding getting help please feel free to contact me.

Best regards


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