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Monday, March 4, 2013

Guards at Sam Lwvys Village

Thank you all for your support and communications regarding Sam Levys village.

Firstly I would like to thank all for the emails that  we have  received ,I read each and every one myself and we are dealing with the  issues that we feel need to be addressed. Regarding the Security Guards at the Village we have had a lot of   guards poached by other people and firms and regretfully has  put a deep hole in our system.
We are in process of recruiting and training new replacement  guards   again and this is a costly and time consuming  project that does take   a bit of time to screen and get police clearances etc but  know we are 
moving  ahead progressively.

I would like to point out to the public that our guards  are  instructed to secure and maintain the parking lots in the and around  the village . It has become very apparent that visitors are now paying  guards or tipping guards to look after there cars. Please let me point out that our guards are doing there job and do not need to be paid extra by visitors. As soon as this happens the guards   give preferred security to these visitors and training them to look 
for tips  rather than thieves.

PLEASE DO NOT PAY THE GUARDS - PLEASE DO NOT TIP THE GUARDS and anyone  who is harassed by the guards for money please report the guard take  his name or badge number and email us at our new email address  and we will  deal with them to make sure our   shopping centre is a safer place for everyone

Thank you
Kind regards

Sam Levys Security

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