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Monday, December 9, 2013

Comments and info

So often Zimbabweans will say “just bring it back and we will make a plan”.  I knew of a case where a lady bought sausages from a well known butcher.  The very same day she cooked them .... they were “off”.  She chatted to the proprietor of the butchery who said to bring in the receipt and packaging.  She explained all had been thrown out with the rotten sausages – to which they apologised and replaced the sausages with no question.  I know it is just sausages .... but that is customer service
Could I ask you please to let me know if you have had any complaints about my service.  I strive to provide a top class service, and I would certainly like to know if there have been complaints, and to follow up, to keep my service the best it can be. 
Thanks for the email regarding unfair advertising. Obviously you cannot be held responsible for other businesses’ practices – you just send out the information. It is up to customers to complain directly to the business concerned and spread the news word of mouth whether someone offers a good service/product or not. That is the most effective method of fixing a business’s attitude or service (keeping in mind not to unfairly slander anyone of course). Businesses will only survive if they give the customer what they want.
After all – everyone has the right to advertise and someone’s negative experience or opinion may just be just that……….. Let the disgruntled readers/customers take up their problems as they should, direct with the business they are complaining about, or with a higher authority (legal, standards association) etc if they feel it necessary. Anonymous
If people take it for granted that all advertising is done by an honest and reliable source, then they need to realise the reality of the situation the country is in at the present time. High employment and very desperate people looking to get their hands on money by whatever means they can, honest or not. You would think that people would have the sense to check these people out and not rely on you to check them out. It is very sad that we have reached this state but wake up people.
It is virtually impossible for you to run a successful operation earning some income by advertising if you are going to take personal responsibility for policing pricing, reliability and quality of workmanship.
It is up to the people who CHOSE to enter into a contract with advertisers to do their own homework by researching prices, asking for references and so on.
We were driving along Ridgeway North a few days ago and it was raining heavily. The pedestrian footpath was flooded and they had to walk nearer to the road than usual. A, twin cab came flying at top speed completely drenching the lady from head to foot with muddy water. She may have been on her way to a function. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have our own transport need to be considerate of the pedestrians this rainy season.
In response to the question much rain falls on a hectare in an 80mm storm,......the answer is 100 x100 x .08 = 800m3 !! I can advise and implement options on how to harvest rainwater. My contact is   Charles Mackie
Coloured guy dressed smartly :We are in a block of flats in Greendale and feel this would be of interest to your readers.  At lunch time - approx 1.45 one the occupants returned and found a vehicle outside the gate of the block of flats.   One person was standing on the bumper and leaning over the gate and had managed to open the pedestrian gate.    The returning resident asked what they were after and was informed they were here to see the 'caretaker'.   We do employ a gardener who resides within the flat complex but the people at the gate did not know his name and he denies any knowledge of people of this description.   One was a very dark complexioned person and other was much lighter - possibly a person of mixed ancestry.   This is the second time they have been here and last time the gained access by informing a cook who was leaving they were to see the "boss in no X"     We have recently had a daylight theft of small items of jewellery and it was impossible to work out how this flat was entered.   Perhaps they have a large bunch of keys which fit all the common door locks.   The description seems to fit the people who have been seen on other properties.
Just thought I would let you know that we were victims of that group: coloured guy dressed smartly etc. Just thought that people still need to be fully ALERT during daylight hours.

Friday 29th November, at 1230pm, in Chisipite this coloured guy dressed smartly jimmied the electric gate open (how we do not know) and walked down the driveway. The domestics were on lunch but the maid was putting some rubbish in the rubbish bin when she saw this coloured guy at the kitchen window. The house was all locked up. He then said “Ambuya is the boss here” on hearing that she screamed for our gardener who then came running and with that the guy ran up the driveway there was a silver Mark 2 waiting at the gate and they got away. On Friday evening one of our car windows was smashed and a gym bag with 2 pairs of boxing gloves were stolen. However no one was hurt. We don’t know if it might have been the same bunch of people you just never know. But everyone out there needs to know that even in broad daylight with domestics in the house all doors need to be locked as these guys are just walking straight in and helping themselves. These guys know domestics go on lunch around midday, men are all working and some houses are just left open and to which they can help themselves.
Please warn lady motorists  of the following incident that happened to me Tuesday  morning at 7am
I come to work daily on Churchill ave , after the collage road lights I was followed by a  white sedan Chevrolet   he flashed lights at me I continued  and turned right onto 2nd street where he pulled up next to me in the other lane , telling me to pull over  as he had on a police cap and yellow arm bands I did not adhere to this I pulled away as I was in the fast lane ....He slowed right down and did not follow me any longer . I reported this to Avondale police , who said this would have been crooks and there would have been 3 or more males crouched in the back seat .... Points to note as stated by  Avondale traffic police
·        7 am in the morning!!
·        Churchill rd is a hot spot
·        Lady on her own and elderly
·        Smart light pick up Nissan 200
·        They had been watching me over a couple of days
·        I am changing my route from now on

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