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Saturday, December 28, 2013


Suspicious Men – readers’ comments:
We had four men trying to gain access at our Lake Chivero Club on Sunday 22nd December 2013:   Silver Toyota Camry Registration Number ABH1374.  They said they were with the ZRP!  Also slapped one of our staff.  There were too many people around for them to feel comfortable – so they left!!
RESIDENTS OF LAKE CHIVERO and Norton:  Be warned!   AR
All these robberies seem to be by the same Gang that is repeatedly mentioned on this forum, always the light skinned large coloured looking male with a bald head and usually wearing a white vest, always well spoken, same ones who hit Tower Close this week, same ones that robbed my Mother of all her jewellery last year in Glen Lorne, same one's who hit my friends in Monavale and who also waved to the Owner as they left through her gate with her Husband's wallet....... seems very bizarre that the Police although 100's of reports about this same Gang cannot capture them, they are obviously hitting Greendale, Glen Lorne area this week and will up the anti with Xmas being here as know Xmas Bonus time and Xmas Prezzie time, last week they hit Mount Pleasant and were very aggressive trying to seek entry saying they were from ZESA and the Occupant was wasting their time by not admitting them so they could install a Pre-Paid Meter, they were told there was already a meter and to Get lost, they were seen per description as above, always the big coloured/light skinned male with white vest driving off, they have various vehicles so don't be fooled they are in only one type of car and all the licence plates are stolen off some poor unsuspecting persons vehicle.  The Police should be capturing these clowns, I must say I wish my staff that I employ were as meticulous in the modus operandi as these Fraudsters are, they seem to up their game each and every robbery. HIGHLANDS/BORROWDALE POLICE do your jobs!!!!!!!!
Please will you advise all Victims of the Electric Gate Saga to make Reports to their Police Station serving the area. Remember the incident with the Pink Vitz, some years back and the rip off, on Drivers using their Mobile Phones, whilst driving ?. When push came to shove, I do believe the Police could do very little about it, because Victims had  not made Police Reports.
Pomona suspicious persons
Entered property on Campbell Avenue at about 1230 on 23rd December through an open gate. When confronted said they were looking for a pre school – ordered to leave the property which they did without objection. overweight black gentleman and a slim coloured entered a silver Merc and departed.  Immediately recognisable thanks to previous Bambazonke alerts.

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