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Monday, December 9, 2013


Litter Bins - What an excellent idea.  I hope it is enforced, even for private vehicles.  There’s nothing worse than driving behind or overtaking a vehicle, seeing rubbish and food being thrown out the windows.
Well done to the brains behind this.
PLEASE MIKE JUST HAD HANDBAG TAKEN FROM MY CAR AR 24 HOUR VET ON SECOND STREET.  Followed from FBC BANK AVONDALE NO CASH IN BUT MY ID and two passports Thomas and Alex Wood.  Please put out a report if anyone sees bag thrown down brown with beadwork. Smashed my driver’s window middle of day. Charlotte Wood
Dear Mike, I have had the misfortune to be ripped off by a local commercial bank. On 22nd Nov2013 a debit was made to my account for a POS withdrawal that I am supposed to have made at a supermarket in “Highfield” on 7th October and there were over 40 transactions of 43c,55,29c etc. I visited my bank and enquired what was going on. They advised me that the system had not captured my transaction in October as the system was down, hence all the transaction charges and debit now going through on 22nd November!!!!!. I advised them that I had never been to Highfield in my life. They agreed to investigate. A few days later they sent an email stating it was definitely my card that was used. After arguing I was referred to someone else. Days later she advised that I must put it in writing. I promptly did so and got a telephone call from my manager saying they were convinced that someone around me had used my card. I explained that I lived alone and no one knew my pin number.I also asked for proof of withdrawal as these are usually accompanied by a signed receipt She insisted that was the only solution and left me hanging and $100 short……
Five or so years ago the residents of Boscobel Drive East clubbed together to have the road surface repaired.  Today it is probably the ONLY non-potholed road in Harare.  Perhaps other residents could consider the same. Dave
To the person sad about the flamboyant cut down – it had died.
We are in Helensvale. Just had 2 guys ring the gate bell and say they were dropping off medicine from George at Greystone Park Pharmacy.  I told them I did not know of any such order and my husband went up to the gate to check on them. A complete scam. 2 guys. One a very large African man the other much smaller and lighter in complexion.  Driving a lilac toyota vitz ADD1541. They drove away when they saw my husband coming to the gate.
COME ON ZIMBABWEANS LETS WORK TOGETHER obviously lives in Borrowdale and or an area where someone important lives, in order to get the roads repaired.  I live in Bluff Hill we suffer here daily, with heavy traffic travelling along the Lomagundi Road (that should be diverted), reports made to City of Harare regularly, people who toss their rubbish out of their vehicles, which ends up on our verge (our house being parallel to the Lomagundi Road), pedestrians too throw their rubbish at our gate, reports made to City of Harare regularly, myself and our staff pick up other people's rubbish daily.  Some roads in this area too numerous to mention have pot holes so big that any vehicle driving into one will stay there, and you will need a tow truck to get out.  We have just had a 36 hour power cut and today after 8 hours we are still off.  We don't have municipal water and no street lights, no wonder we have become a nation of moaners. Furthermore COME ON ZIMBABWEANS LETS WORK TOGETHER, my husband is retired, on US$198 per month, so if you think we are going to spend our money on tar to fix our roads when the relevant ministry should be doing it, you can think again! 'RESCUE US' FORGET THE POT HOLES. 
I sincerely comment Environment Africa for the initiative to make the vehicle litter bins compulsory in public vehicles. I sincerely hope that the owners of the vehicles will comply and place the litter bins in convenient places (without discomfort to the very passenger who is usually the culprit for throwing garbage out of the vehicle) inside their buses/taxis considering how crowded these vehicles are usually.

Another point I would like to provoke is for the same initiative to be undertaken with the Ministry of Education in the schools - that children (private and public) are schooled on environment management as a curricula if it not there already in place. Culturally, the society has become accustomed to this unGodly habit of throwing litter anywhere without care for the grave consequences to the environment. We have to re-culturalise (if there ever is such a word) the habit of "Cleanliness" and be proud of having a clean surrounding as well as a conscience regarding our actions from an individualist point of view (that "its ok, its just one sweet wrapper" - it won't affect anyone") to "part of a society" point of view - and everything counts.
I think private vehicles should be encouraged to carry these bins as well. I live on a busy road (West Road), and every morning we have to pick up coke cans, beer bottles, take-away styrofoam containers etc, which I am sure do not only come from the commuter vehicles. EVERYONE MUST GET INTO THE HABIT OF KEEPING THEIR LITTER IN THE CAR UNTIL THEY REACH HOME OR A BIN.
The litter at intersections and on the sides of the roads has become an eyesore which is now way out of control.  Lets keep our Sunchine City Clean. Lets all be proud of our City :)
Please can I ask you to send this out to your members and I am extremely disappointed in the driving sense of certain people in the country. I was riding my horse this morning in Greendale down Cambridge Drive and a European Lady sped past me in a silver Toyota Hilux Twin Cab – I heard the car coming so signaled with my for her to slow down whilst she drove past me, for her safety as well as my own and my horses safety. She then mouthed something at me, which am sure was vulgar. Does she and other motorist not realize that Horses have the right of way on Zimbabwean roads? And does she not realize the danger that is involved with speedy vehicles and horses?
Editors Disclaimer: Please note that this is a selection of comments taken from recent emails sent into me by various bambazonke nhasi readers. I send them out to try and stimulate discussion on issues that I feel are topical in our current environment. Please try to be sensible with your comments and offer useful advice without bringing any person(s) or company into disrepute. I do not necessarily agree or disagree with each comment and cannot check the veracity of each email. Regards Mike G

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