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Monday, December 9, 2013

Community Comments

It  is so sad that kids today still think it is a “pansy” thing to play a musical instrument !!  Last year we were at a concert at Bryden School when the Orchestra from Peterhouse & Watershed (combined schools in that area) came down to entertain us.  It was fantastic to say the least – not only did they have a superb Orchestra with ALL the instruments but an amazing youngster with a superb Tenors voice.  We were absolutely gob smacked at the quality of their music!!  We do know that at Bryden School every single pupil has to play a musical instrument – so hopefully it will become the “in thing” to play music !!  I grew up with a musical family playing a mouth organ & my Dad a piano.  Stopped the mouth organ because I could not find anyone who coaches & married into a non musical family so sadly all that was dropped.  Like your idea of getting going again!  Yrs Linda
We believe very strongly that as a distributor / retailer, we have a duty to our customers to provide the best possible service and products that we can.  If you purchase something from us and it isn’t working, through no fault of yours, then that is OUR problem, not yours and we have to give you a replacement or a refund if we can’t replace it.  We have also gone to the trouble of becoming official distributors for the majority of our brand name items, so that we can provide a minimum of twelve months warranty on the products we sell – it’s only good sense!  We will also provide you with as much help and support as we can, even if you didn’t purchase your product from us because, in the end, we’re glad you have one of the things that we believe are fabulous enough to base our livelihoods on!  
Just driven along The Chase and am DEVASTATED to see the beautiful flamboyant tree (I think it was) has been cut down. Only the trunk is left with the tree cutters details proudly displayed.
This tree outside Lady of the Wayside church was always so vibrant and beautiful in season. Why would this be cut down? Sad
hi Mike, I've just had an interesting call from our bank. This morning i deposited some USD cash, with two batches of 10 x $100 notes (noted there were a few of the new $100 notes in each batch).
Two hours after the deposit, i receive a call from the bank, advising me that in one of the batches of US100 there was a R100 note, they claimed the tellor had not noticed it as the new 100 USD and Rand notes now look extremely similar... I promptly told the bank where to get off. Since my deposit slip was stamped. Maybe you'd like to bring this interesting event to the attention of your readers in the unlikely event they experience similar dealings.
see today's article about litter bins in vehicles. Another excuse to fine the motorist. Imagine, road blocks checking for litter bins, never mind that the vehicle is an unroadworthy wreck !!! Then, there's going to be the argument of the specifics of what constitutes a litter bin??  I carry an old shopping bag. Will this suffice ?? Incidentally, can someone give me the statutory instrument that says I must carry a litter bin in my car??
Good Day Mike I would be interested if a survey could be done of CHINESE IMPORTS that have been faulty or not the correct product being received.  We imported a certain chemical 20 tonnes only to find that it is either chalk or gypsum. I have heard many other companies being ripped off as well.  How did other companies deal with the problem.  Many thanks
people should….. face the said Companies direct instead of complaining all the time. Companies do not know there is a problem if not told and as a person who owns a business it is in the interest of my company to know what is going on. Come on Zimbabweans stand up for the things that are wrong and stop moaning all the time, we have become such a grumpy nation lately. If something is wrong sort it out and go to the source.
I think the RESCUE A POT HOLE is a fantastic idea, if every one on a road got together and each house bought between one and two bags and did the road together we would have good roads.

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