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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Please alert your readers, we had a smash and grab incident at 7.15pm last night at the robot intersection of Churchill Ave and College Road, it only took ten seconds and the culprit smashed the passengers window and grabbed my wife’s handbag off her lap. We were the only car at the intersection and didn’t have a clue someone was so close. We immediately drove to the petrol station next to the Bridge Spar to access the damage and look for any injuries to my wife and the attendants were very helpful in assisting in sweeping the broken glass off the seats and suggesting we go back in the morning to look for no valuables, a big thank you to them. I went back to the scene at 5am this morning and found her ID, drivers license, medical aid cards etc along the boundary fence of the UZ, where there is a hole in the angle iron fence, clearly used as a path way into the property. Needless to say her hand bag and purse were nowhere to be found. If there are any UZ officials who read this mail, please get your maintenance team to weld the broken bars closed to deter these criminals from using the property as an escape route. Praise God she was not hurt in any way just very shaken and traumatised.  
There is a way out for  these such unfortunates, if they to choose to accept help. Concerned parents and the individuals can contact most Doctors and inquire about Alcoholism and Drug addiction
(which is rampant in Zimbabwe).Test are done in strict confidence and can ascertain if there is a problem .The Doctor may suggest that you contact  AA and or NA (confidential numbers will be provided)
If you are not keen to speak to a Doctor, a  24hr contact number is available on the AA web  site ,Hospital notice boards and most Doctors Surgeries. If you decide to make contact with these informed people “ ANONIMITY” is strictly the order of the day. The great thing is you only give your first name(not even your real name if you don’t want to). So if you want to live a long happy life give it a try .I did.  Please note this letter is not from a Doctor nor any other person in the medical profession. (Note from Mike G – see Ndeipi magazine for more contact details)
In Reply to the above  ”anonymous” and “tell the real story”:- I think YOU should get your facts straight …. The youngster involved who I had never seen nor met before (and was not a schoolboy bully)  admitted openly to myself, his parents, the police and a witness that it was a MISTAKEN IDENTITY and that HE started the incident and then HE assaulted me because he thought I was somebody else. I HAVE got facts from both sides, the perpetrator himself and both his parents,  all categorically stating that he thought I was somebody else and then started the incident. The Tin Roof has indeed got camera’s and the camera’s clearly shows that the youngster most definitely DID  start the incident, get your facts right please. It was with this camera evidence  and the perpetrators admission to the myself, a witness and the Police that a charge and potential prosecution was possible.  I agree I wouldn’t go after someone unless they deserved it, in this instance, according to the law, he got what he deserved.  
Its interesting that the youth was spared prosecution as he is RESPONSIBLE for his actions. Question - would the charges have been reduced if the injuries resulted in death?
I think not. Brian
The poem “Children Learn what they Live” - I guess is on the flip side of discipline. (But this also includes anything viewed on any screen I believe; allowed at school; experienced with peers; etc).
We live in a world where more than ever, upbringing is up to the individual.   No longer can we leave it to a school or even church organisation, as we all have differing views within the whole and exposure to an immense amount of new choices  (Take the world wide web for example). I would however like to see schools (from nursery upwards) essentially now, set themselves up with:
1)      action centres to deal with the growing problem of bullying that WILL be there, to ensure that all parties are dealt with effectively (and kindly) towards best results.
(A child is a child in need of direction regardless, and the perpetrators in as much need of help as the victim).
2)     That each school clearly outlines its manifesto on discipline (with specifics) for parents to feel more comfortable with their choices and calls for actions if need be. (A bit scary but doing one’s best)
Dangerous lamp posts.  I am really concerned about these – so many of them are on the very brink of collapsing, especially the one on Lomagundi Road, almost at right angles across the road (outside the Tel One Building).  I have phoned and reported several times but nothing has been done.  For fun my sister has been photographing all the lopsided and dangerous lamp posts as we travel around – she has quite a big album now.. but of course it does not help any if these dangerous posts are not going to be removed.  Most of them are rusted at the base and all the wires torn out so that there is only a thin strip of metal holding them up...will it take a tragic accident before the City fathers wake up?  What more can one do? Lorna
In all the emails I read about bullying I notice two things:
1.  The schools are blamed for not doing enough
2.  The children are derided and called terrible names like brat etc.
How will they learn any different when they are called nasty names?  Bullying starts from infancy and is lack of correct discipline.  Beating your child senseless or belittling him will not bring discipline.  Unfortunately it is mostly the parents fault (there are some children though who are truly just terrible, but on the whole they are not).  Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is older he will not depart from it.  If a child is not disciplined correctly, he is really then being trained in indiscipline and that how he will grow up.  Many parents today are seeing the result of their own rebellious ways - drinking and partying and defying their own parents when they were teenagers - now their children are doing the same and worse.  The parents are reaping what they sowed and because they don't like it they fob off the blame on schools or society as a whole.  Please stop blaming schools or the night clubs for children's bad behaviour.  They are only doing what they have been taught and allowed to do.  By the time a child is 16 it's too late to try and correct him - he is mostly set in his ways. We ALL need to look a little closer to home - a mirror check might be a good idea.  Also stop calling children "kids" - a kid is a baby goat - is that what your child is?
We are bringing our children up in an environment where they do not have to take responsibility for their actions – too often they don’t make their beds, don’t have to pick up their clothes, don’t have to wash their dirty plates, etc. And in many instances they do not respect the person that cleans up after them. One of the outworkings of this is that they have an ingrained lack of respect for other people, and the result is the bullying syndrome that we are seeing. Added to this is our ‘non-work’ culture over school holidays (in other countries children do part-time work such as newspaper rounds from young ages.) Us adults need to take responsibility for allowing our children to become disrespectful and bored!!
My feeling is that we need to set a goal to reach a solution to the bully issue rather than continue the on line idle non productive gossip. Name the culprits. Take their facebook photo and display name – photo at …x x x x. and anywhere else they may like to go. Solicit agreement from landlords of these places to ensure they are banned preferably for life. Create a facebook page HARARE BULLIES people can share their opinions. Either way this should be brought to a conclusion with a result names names names.
We had supper at  Millars Borrowdale last night (Monday). We were standing near to our vehicle, parked opposite  Leonardo's, around 10.45  pm saying bye to a friend when
3 very young ladies, in very short dresses, walked past us heading towards Butchers Kitchen!!  We were very shocked to see these young ladies out on the road on a Monday night. Glad it wasn’t my daughter in view of all the problems I see on these e mails. Linda
It seems like some parents secretly support their children with bad behaviour.  Parents and children alike should know that its not being weak when you are polite and nice to other people.  In actual fact some parents like it when their children are behaving badly they think they are being macho, yet this will come back to bite in the backside later on in life.  God made us parents for a reason to instil good values in our children so that they in turn become good parents, we should not mislead them!
I am amazed and comforted to know how many wonderful animal lovers there still are left in Zim, Harare in particular, the way they not only constantly find lost/stray animals, but advertise them, and then take them to the vets/SPCA or somewhere safe. It doesn`t happen here! (RSA) Congratulations and well done you guys, keep it up.
Editors Disclaimer: Please note that this is a selection of comments taken from recent emails sent into me by various bambazonke nhasi readers. I send them out to try and stimulate discussion on issues that I feel are topical in our current environment. Please try to be sensible with your comments and offer useful advice without bringing any person(s) or company into disrepute. I do not necessarily agree or disagree with each comment and cannot check the veracity of each email. Regards Mike G
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