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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Suspicious Men – readers comments:
Hi mike two men in a silver car (parked by gate) opened gate in grey stone park on thurs aft.  Knocked on front door (back door locked luckily) saying they had been bitten by the dog which was nonsense.  Young girl in lounge went to get granny in bedroom and by the time they got back to lounge well dressed well spoken lighter skinned THIEF was in car driving off with her brand new christmas and birthday present cellphone in his pocket, as it had been with her in lounge when she rushed off to get him help.  We think we have seen car (nondescript silver toyota reg abr 5286 - number plates irrelevant though as they must be changing them and prob cars too) by new church in leamington road grey stone park on side of road which we believe may be same car (with three heavily smoking occupants). Be aware of any strangers in area, if they know they are being watched it will make it more difficult for them.  Concerned.
These 3 guys hit The Palms on Court Road Greendale just before 6 this evening.  Their modus operandi was to buzz different apartments and tell the occupants the electrical gate was not closed properly.........  unfortunately 1 of the tenants fell for their story and pressed their internal gate remote and they then were able entrance. We have watched this on the flat CCTV and the whole "hit" took less than 2 minutes.......1 thief entered the flat while the other two loitered round and whenever the gate started closing ! of them stood on the gate rail and once the gate touched them it opened again. The thief stole a ladies wallet.  If anyone in the (Greendale) or other areas finds a ladies black wallet with a gold catch containing her id, bank cards etc etc in the name of MRS SINGRID SHERWOOD please call me immediately.  Fiona 077 44 636 12 
I live on Guys Cliff, Greystone Park. This afternoon about 1400hrs, my wife drove out of the premises through an Electric Gate. I have no reason to believe that this Gate is not functioning correctly.
I was sitting in our Lounge reading a Book, with my back to the front door. Shortly after my wife left, I heard a noise in the Kitchen, which I took to be the Maid washing up the lunch dishes. Not too long
after this, I got up and went through to the Kitchen and observed, through the window, that the Electric Gate was ajar about a  metre. I assumed that on my wife’ departure, it had not closed  fully. I then did so, without any hitch. Shortly after 1600hrs, my wife returned and not long after this, she received a call on her Mobile from two Gardini brothers to  say that they had found her wallet lying on the corner of Wallace Road and Harare Drive, Mandara, some fair distance from Greystone Park.

We drove to Chisipite Shops and met with them. The loss from the wallet was US $ 400,00 and a Mont Blanc Ball point pen.
All Cards etc were in situ. In view of the fact that nothing else was stolen, presumably because they saw me, albeit with my back to them, we would never
have thought that Intruders had entered our property and that my wife had lost her wallet at a shopping centre. I have tested the Gate and am convinced that these Thieves must have a Remote Control allowing them to open it. If any Electric Gate specialists read this and can offer advice as to how we beat these Thieves Please contact me. Once again a sincere Thank you to the Gardini Brothers for their public spirit. Regards, Rob
Subject: Bullying - readers comments

As a teacher with over 40 years’ experience, ……………

Look - I agree with the above up to a point. I was a teacher in London, and found it imperative for one member of staff to be on playground duty in order to prevent bullying.

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