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Monday, December 16, 2013

Mocambique situation

From: Dugong Lodge Inhassoro
Sent: 16 December 2013 14:34

Hi Mike,
The convoy was attacked on Sunday 15th December, 2013. A security force bus was targeted and one person was killed and 6 injured.
Can people planning on coming down please use the 1200 Hrs. Convoy and not the 0700 Hrs. Convoy. There were some holiday makers who used the 0700 Hrs. Convoy yesterday and they were lucky to not be involved in the ambush, fortunately they came through unscathed. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW MILITARY PERSONNEL ON OR IN YOUR VEHICLE AND TRY TO STAY AWAY FROM MILITARY VEHICLES OR  BUSSES OR VEHICLES CARRYING MILITARY PERSONNEL, these are what are being targeted.
We had people arrive in Inhassoro at 0700 Hrs. this morning using the Sango Border Post road yesterday. They were planning to stay in Chicalacala at the Railway Hotel but because they could not see secure parking and they had an open truck they decided to push through. They say they only found 2 wet patches on the road but encountered no problems, they were also further delayed by assisting another vehicle which had broken down with a tow. Please if anyone wants to use this road you must be accompanied by another vehicle and please let someone know you are on the road. The only Telephone reception on the track between Machaila and Mabote is Movitel so please try to buy a Sim Card on the Mozambique side.  

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