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Friday, December 13, 2013

Hijack in Johannesburg

Our son was hijacked in Johannesburg on Wednesday.  It was on a busy street in lunchtime traffic.  A police car happened to be there coming along the road and  Alex was able to escape.  They shot out his tyres and also shot the police car.  There is now an ongoing investigation.
Acoording to Alex the hijackers approached him at a traffic light and one had a small arms weapon on the passenger side - then the second person came to his side and demanded that he open his dooor - he had an AK.  If the police had not come along there might have been a different outcome. Just watch out - this happened in Houghton an upmarket area.  He lost his car tyre/s, a bag containing a laptop with company information - some tools and a watermelon tormalean and keys!. He is lucky to be alive as someone was killed 8 days ago at the same spot.  Alex was returning from the Diamond Centre where he had taken a GIA exam.  Watch out in Johannesburg.

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