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Monday, December 16, 2013

Is this how things should be in Zim?

HI All, Is this how things should be in Zim? I don’t think so! Please make sure your kids are helping spread the word and not being part of the problem - Mike G

I was victim to one of these assaults on the evening of the 22nd November and was successful in an arrest, a criminal charge and being paid all the costs of my medical expenses plus $15 000.00 payment for damages.
The youngster, with the help of his very apologetic and cooperative father was spared a jail sentence of up to 12 months and appearing before a magistrate for a trial and prosecution at my discretion.
Should I have decided otherwise he would have found himself with a jail sentence of up to 12 months and then still be liable for a civil lawsuit for damages of up to or beyond $25 000.00 depending on the extent of the assault at the discretion of the High Court Judge.
Had I not dropped the charges he would then have a permanent criminal record against his name, making it difficult to gain entry into several countries and obtaining work abroad.

The law is very specific as to what is required to obtain a prosecution.

1)     Identify the perpetrator of the assault. ( I obtained this from the owner of Tin Roof who was very cooperative and gave me a copy of the CCTV footage)
2)     Get your friends that you were with to agree to a witness affidavit and/or the bouncers
3)     Report the incident to the Police station ASAP ( I did it immediately after I had obtained identification)
4)     At the Police station ask for a “Zimbabwe Republic Police Request for a Medical Report” This is very Important.
5)     Take numerous photographs
6)     As soon as you possibly can go to Pari Hospital Casualty and get treatment again and present the police request for a medical report and obtain an “ Affidavit Medical Report” It is important to note here that treatment and a medical report from your private doctor is not sufficient for a criminal prosecution. These can be used later at a civil prosecution. The certified “Affidavit Medical Report” is essential for a criminal prosecution
7)     Get The Member In Charge at Pari Police to certify the medical report
8)     Record a detailed statement.
9)     Take the Pari Medical report, your private doctors medical report and any specialist medical report, your statement, all the details of the perpetrator, witness statements, photographs and if available CCTV footage to the investigating officer and file a charge of assault.
10)  Obtain an RRB number and a CR number and the contact details of the investigating officer
11)  Let the law take its course

I was shattered at the number of phone calls I received from other people who had been assaulted in a similar manner and am more than willing to assist the next victim through the same process and advise that they are free to phone me for guidance.



Other readers comment on the subject:

Is it not worth getting the schools involved. I feel the age limit that parents are allowing their kids to go out to parties and night clubs is getting ridiculous. I have seen kids at such venues that must be barely 16 years old. What is wrong with some parents.
This is a serious situation and I feel I need to relate my story. My cousin who lives in the UK has been in a coma for the last 2 weeks after being assaulted by a gang of youths. he is in a critical condition as the head injuries are so close to the brain which makes it difficult to operate. His life is in gods hands now. We need to stop this creeping into our country.
How about a naming and shaming of these youths. That should wake the parents of these youths up as to what sort of children they are producing. We can blame the child all we want but the parents are the ones that raise it!
Mike, I hope that police have been alerted. They are usually  Good at detecting and stopping such behaviour. John
The only way to deal with these guys is to name them publicly. Then get some people involved who can fix this problem. You deal with the culprits first by hospitalizing them and then you deal with their parents. People need to be taught a lesson.

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