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Friday, December 13, 2013


Just to warn motorists of a huge pothole across both lanes near the Avondale police station. It is filled with water and very difficult to see at night. Please can all motorists be very aware of this as it will cause huge damage to your vehicle.
Dear Mike, My friend was attacked quite badly  by a pack of three very vicious dogs yesterday evening while out for his daily walk. He had to have emergency treatment including a tetanus injection and will have to undergo a course of rabies injections. The attack was totally unprovoked and the dogs are obviously not kept under control. This occurred in Wiltshire Road in Greendale. Please warn readers to be extremely cautious. These animals are dangerous and could easily kill a child.
Protocol of a theft of one handbag on 19 November from my car, 32 CD 20 on the parking place of 24 hours Veterinary Vets, 128 Upper East Road
On 19 November, at almost precisely 16:30 hrs I was about to leave the parking area of 24 hours Veterinary Vets in 128 Upper East Road, Avondale, when a man pulled my door open and shouted in an agitated manner: “Is this your cat, watch out ……” . Alarmed, I answered “what cat are you talking about, I have no cat”. He continued to shout “but this cat over there, it is not yours”? Being worried about any cat in trouble, I got out of the car and looked for this cat, but could not find any. In the meantime I saw that the man, that had approached me, getting into a white car, where another 2 – 3  men were sitting and driving away.  Bewildered, but still without any suspicion, I started driving home noticing that my board computer told me that “my right rear door was not closed properly”. Having had problems with wrong announcements of this board computer before, I decided to ignore it until reaching home. Only then I realized that my handbag, that was deposited on the rear seats, had gone. I went back at once to the Veterinary Vets and was asking for one of their employees who was standing at the entrance with friends, when I was about to leave. I even had shouted to them “had they seen a stray cat in danger”, but I did not get any reaction and so I decided to go home.  BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE
A new turning signal has been installed on The Chase/2nd street lights by the pizza inn. This is great for the school traffic but unfortunately few drivers coming from the Mt Pleasant side of The Chase are aware of it.  Almost every morning for 2 weeks I have witnessed drivers assume the signals are broken because the oncoming traffic on the Chase begins to move.  Our Zim training has caused us to make this error.  Please caution your readers to be aware of this.
Oh Happy Day! 80mm delivered overnight into our rain gauge in Greystone Park. The 25,000 litre rainwater catchment tanks under our gutters are overflowing. The pool is overflowing thanks to makeshift pipes directed there from other gutters. Pumping into our back up tanks now and ready for next rainfall. Goodbye to ‘Bowser Blues’ and ‘Groundwater Guilt’ till the dry season! J
My property slopes very neatly into one corner and am now happily imagining how much water we could store if we dug out an earth dam to catch the run-off from the whole property. Someone please do the maths and tell me how many litres accrues from 80mm on a hectare of ground?
My driver was stopped at a roadblock just now and was asked to pay a fine - with no ticket to be issued ! He called the number listed below and explained the story to the lady that answered this landline. She in turn asked to speak to the ZRP manning the roadblock, and the matter was resolved in minutes.  My driver was given his licence back and sent on his way with no ticket and no fine.

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