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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Litter Bins. Nice idea, but can you actually vision a combi crammed full with commuters passing their rubbish up front to put into the litter bin, I dont think so, the litter will continue to be thrown out of windows. Unfortunately their is a large portion of the population that have no respect for the cleanliness of their and our nation.  
I hope this finds you well. With regards to the few and many thefts of handbags etc, I suggest Readers to save up and install Smash and Grab window film which is available at several places in Harare and at fair prices. Firstly 100/200 spend on the film can save you the hassle of lost money and or IDs and Drivers licenses etc as well as in the event of an accident it holds the shards of glass together preventing further injuries from glass cuts. Secondly I would like to say that civilians of Zimbabwe can legally make what is called a Citizens Arrest whereby if someone witnesses a crime- be it litter or worse, they can ask the driver/person to follow them to the station to report the incident or they can report directly to the police with details such as license plates etc as it is fairly easy for police to track down vehicle owners by their plates- a quick call to CVR or to ZINARA is all thats needed. Hope this helps.
Litter Bags - We are so grateful for this!! Lomagundi College cleaned outside Chinhoyi on 4 December up until Caves Motel.  876 large black litter bags were filled. Council met us while we were doing this, saying that they are so thankful for what we were doing and offered to send their Refuse-Trucks to pick up all the bags.  Started at 07.20 and finished 09.30. It was incredibly hot, but a successful day! Sadly this morning litter was visible once again in less than 24hrs.  So yes - I am SOOO…willing to carry a litter bag, if it means that ALL OTHER vehicles will also be forced to do so.  This beautiful earth of ours must be looked after every single one of us - COME ON ZIMBABWE - STOP COMPLAINING AND BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THIS WORLD.
Just to let you know, on Wednesday 4th of December we had an incident at our house. A silver mercedes came to our gate at around 14.00, we think they must have forced the gate open unless we accidentally left it open. Two men in suits, one black, one coloured walked down our driveway which is about 20 meters long. they saw the gardener who was mowing the lawn and about 10 meters from where they were standing in our yard. They started shouting to him "is the boss here? How many people are here and if we were black or white" Our gardener said everybody is here! So they told the gardener to take them into the house. Our gardener just started screaming and shouting for us, one guy started running back to the car whilst the other one told our gardener that he will kill him, and he has to leave the house at some stage where they will be waiting to kill him! They also visited my mother's house that same day, 2 men in suits pretending to be selling plants!
Just to let you know, as we have read about this occurrence before on bambazonke. We both live in greendale.
I am not sure if this is useful but it is an observation while I drive around town – especially in the heavy rains – allot of people don’t bother to put their lights on when it is raining (heavy or not) which makes their vehicles really hard to see, many people who do have their lights on have them on bright – I am not sure what the logic behind no lights or bright lights are in the rain as you put them on for other vehicles driving to be able to see you? also the lack of indication is hideous and so dangerous when it is raining, it is hard to judge your distances, watch the traffic around you and then also think about what the car in front of you is doing or going to do. Maybe we can make drivers aware of the simple things that one is meant to do when it’s raining so they stay safe and the drivers around them are safe too.
2nd St Vet response to thefts in their car park - Perhaps you could put out a suggestion that people do not leave money and other valuables in their cars, especially in plain sight of opportunists.
Signs are also being placed around the car park reminding people of this and there is now a guard on duty. The second lady who had her passports stolen was followed from the bank, where she had just drawn cash, into the surgery car park. The first lady was also followed into the car park from elsewhere
Exhall Rd Bridge. As it appears that the new school will require access from both sides of Warwick Road.  I think we should put in place an application for speed humps on Warwick Road as a matter of urgency to prevent speeding along Warwick Road from parents racing to collect their children.  It would also be nice if the school undertakes to maintain the surface of Warwick Road as I am sure the tar will not last long with the extra couple of hundred cars using the road every day. Kind regards, Liz
I have just had to get police clearance for both my daughters – one so she can renew her study visa for South Africa and the other daughter for a new study visa.  I was so impressed with how pleasant and helpful the policewoman at Runiville Police Station was – she was so kind to the girls and helped them get the finger print forms done quickly and easily.  At Morris Depot I was directed straight to the office where I filled in both forms – I expected to collect a week later but was told both police clearances would be ready that afternoon.
Both places were helpful, efficient and pleasant and I feel should be commended for their manner with absolutely no expectation of anything in return.
I would just like to say that I have seen the "Buddie Man" in action at the very same intersection. He did a very good job of controlling traffic when the robots were not working during peak traffic.
It made my day & I must add that he did control the traffic better than some traffic police ;).  He seems to enjoy it!!
Editors Disclaimer: Please note that this is a selection of comments taken from recent emails sent into me by various bambazonke nhasi readers. I send them out to try and stimulate discussion on issues that I feel are topical in our current environment. Please try to be sensible with your comments and offer useful advice without bringing any person(s) or company into disrepute. I do not necessarily agree or disagree with each comment and cannot check the veracity of each email. Regards Mike G

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