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Friday, January 10, 2014

Car Radio Licences

ZBC Pockets Hill has run out of radio licenses and is expecting stock from Monday, 13 Jan. In the meanwhile, motorists should continue to display their 2013 licenses. ZRP have been informed and can only issue a fine in the absence of a 2013 or current license. Any problems with the authorities can be referred to Mr. Chakwana or Mr. Mukumbuzi at ZBC Pockets Hill on (04) 498643.  Big Sky Supplies


Please be warned that ZBC has not started to issue vehicle radio licences yet. The post offices do not have any and ZBC, Pockets Hill do not have any. ZBC have given us the person to contact if the police want to fine you as: Mr. Muokwe, phone 498643.


I have just come from Pockets Hill to get my Senior Citizen’s Concessionary Licence…over 65yrs, to be told they are NOT issuing them to anyone under 75!! We were referred to one of the bosses upstairs, who verified the situation, and explained that whilst there is a Government Act dealing with reduced fees for over 65yrs, it is not mandatory legislation. ZBC have applied for permission to give the reduction to 65+ yr old,  but so far it has not been “legislated”. One of the ladies had a Concessionary licence given to her last year, being over 65yrs, and he finally relented because she is now 70, and was able to provide her previous licence as proof, but it was all done very begrudgingly, and, he said, for this year only. He was aware of the email circulating claiming the 65+yr concession, but said it had not emanated from ZBC offices. Perhaps other hopefuls can be forewarned. Jenny


Please advise readers that they can  buy ZBC TV and radio licences from LAPF house corner Chinhoyi and Jason Moyo. There is a new ZBC office there in the 7th floor. Regards Farai



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