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Monday, January 20, 2014


Just thought some more about this particular readers comment on visiting an old age home. I'm really touched by the fact that there are indeed people who do not get any visitors and presumably do not get out much. In other countries I've heard about the 'adopt a granny / grandpa' initiative, which indeed would mean visiting an elderly on a regular basis. Is this something that all these old age homes mentioned support, and how would one go about that?  Very easy my friend.  I started visiting an old age home on a regular basis some years ago, after getting some old friends into said home.  My brother and I now go as often as we can, sometimes with sandwiches to join all the residents in the lounge for tea and then visiting all the folks in the cottages whom we have got to know.  At Christmas we try to take along a little present for most of the residents and do what we can to help with little things they need done when they cannot get out themselves.  We had a wonderful Christmas Day - visiting a friend in Coronary Care, then all the Children in the kiddies' ward at Pari's - where we got to meet all the mothers and children, and then another old age home.  It was a very fulfilling day.  You will always receive a very welcome reception at ANY old folks home.


One of the new stipulations for renewing a British Passport is to get a letter from your doctor.  This is now mandatory and takes the place of a rates or utility bill.  In other words it is your ‘proof of residence’.  I have spent the past few days getting my paperwork in order and went this morning to collect the letter from my doctor (having given them a few days notice as per their requirement). 

Imagine my horror when I was charged $40.00 for this letter!  I NEED to have it to renew my passport, I cannot claim from Medical Aid for this and what’s more it was a few short lines.  What’s happened to this country?  Do we not know the value of a dollar?  I am so shocked at what I was forced to pay, for a mere letter – not a medical report or review or whatever.   appalled and saddened


We have been privileged to see the vulture feeding over the last year twice up at the Falls.  I was enchanted the first time as the spectacle of hundreds of predators filled the sky like a whirlwind, descending into the trees nearby, so many species to see, and so many of them endangered.  We found it a great opportunity to educate our guests and neighbours at nearby tables on the dire situation that vultures now find themselves – endangered and explain the reasons why.  Our last visit to the same site had far fewer vultures – we discovered that other lodges have cottoned onto this as a gimmick and are following suit.


Vultures are generally regarded as an unattractive species and thus do not receive the promotion that other more handsome/cute animals do.

My regret was that the lodge did not use the feeding promotion to help educate – it was simply a spectacle.  If they had put flyers on the table or on the backs of the menus explaining the current status of vultures, why and what can be done to help, I would have felt more comfortable with the spectacle concept!


I’ve noticed a number of women running in tight lycra sportswear around the suburbs and even more horrifying is the lecherous ogling of bystanders as these women pass.  Ladies, you might look gorgeous standing still in front of a mirror but lycra leaves nothing to the imagination (both front and back) and the wobbling that comes from running doesn’t do anyone any favours.  May I suggest, to preserve your modesty, your safety and for our viewing pleasure that you wear a large T Shirt that falls below your lower half.


Clearly Jane has never seen a vulture feeding frenzy in the wild. I think it is amazing and marvellous to be able to be so close to a group of vultures. We also saw eagles and jackals at the vulture restaurant. It was an awesome ( in the true meaning of the word) experience to watch with my grandchildren. The hotel makes no money out of the restaurant as anyone is free to visit and no charge is made nor is one required to make purchases at the hotel. Susan


Rabies:- This is so terrible – really there should be a national campaign and NO ONE who cannot produce up to date Vac certs should be allowed to keep dogs.if only the police would get on and do their jobs properly – no wonder Zimbabwe has been taken off the list of recognized countries – even South Africa is rated higher than us and dogs can go direct to Australia with only 10 days quarantine if they have been living in South Africa – not so Zimbabwean dogs – they still have to do the full six months !!!!!  rgds kate





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