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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Zimbabwe Gives Remaining White Farmers Ultimatum

Zimbabwe Gives Remaining White Farmers Ultimatum
The first thing I noticed when I read this article (below), was the language used to describe the remaining White farmers in Zimbabwe - namely "settlers"!

So, you have to assume whoever wrote this article is a pathetic Zunu-PF propagandist. Even the caption under the photo at the article states: Before Zimbabwe’s land reform some White settlers owned land the size of small countries.

So, in their effort to smear the 'settlers', they inadvertently let the cat out of the bag - the farmers OWN the land. Who cares the size! If it's their's then it's THEIR'S! There is plenty of land in Zimbabwe, but Mugarbage and his cronies don't want just any land. No, they want the farms which are already cultivated and successful - where all the hard work has been done for their useless asses. And in order to get those farms they stoke up racial hatred and genocide against the poor White farmers who just want to get on with their lives.

According to one of these settlers, the remaining White farmers have been given until 15 May this year to get off their land, or risk unspecified action. We already know what that unspecified action will be. The "war-veterans" will be bused in to assault the farmers until they either die, or flee for their lives. These so-called "war-veterans" who should be about the same age as Mugarbage - 90 in the shade - but look like sprightly teenagers.....yes, those war veterans.
"Another farmer, who refused to be identified, said even those White commercial farmers who had links with senior Zanu PF members in the province would not be spared."
So it seems that Mugarbage has a few farmers in his back pocket. No doubt they've done huge favours for Zanu in exchange for being allowed to keep their farms. 

You would think that the world would be looking at Zimbabwe and condemning what's happening in the country. But no. They're more interested in Justin Bieber getting arrested. That "news" got coverage around the world for days, but the plight of White farmers in Zimbabwe (never mind those in South Africa!) get NO ATTENTION!

How does that work?? 

What's the bet that were this a White government doing the same to Black farmers, the world would be apoplectic in fits of outrage by now? Sanctions, travel bans, fact-finding missions, you name it, would happen faster than a fly on fresh shite.

But, what more can I do to help these poor farmers but to highlight what's going on in this part of the world?? That's all I can do. Good luck!

AFRICANGLOBE – White farmers in Mashonaland West said they were last week ordered by Zanu PF provincial chairman, Temba Mliswa to vacate African land by May 15 this year or risk unspecified action.

The farmers alleged that Mliswa issued the ultimatum last Friday at Chinhoyi Training Centre at a meeting attended by at least 50 commercial farmers.

But Mliswa yesterday denied that he issued such an ultimatum, saying the farmers came up with that date themselves.

The farmers said the meeting was also attended by the minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Faber Chidarikire, who could not be reached for comment.

One of the settlers, Pieter Zwanikken — who was at the meeting — said Mliswa told them that the directive was in line with Zanu PF’s land policy.

He said they were told in a no-holds-barred meeting that by May 15 this year every White farmer without an offer letter should leave African land.

“He told us that we were at the farms at Zanu PF’s mercy and that come May 15 this year we should wind up activities and leave our farms whether one’s farm is protected by Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement or not,” Zwanikken claimed.

Another farmer, who refused to be identified, said even those White commercial farmers who had links with senior Zanu PF members in the province would not be spared.

Mliswa, they said, also warned them against entering into farming arrangements with A2 farmers as the practice was illegal.

He has been at loggerheads with some of his colleagues in Zanu PF whom he accused of applying the party’s land policy selectively by favouring other White farmers ahead of others.

Mashonaland West Affirmative Action Group (AAG) chairman, Clifford Hlupeko said they supported Mliswa’s stance, saying the White settlers had delayed the land reform process by going to the courts.

“Some African farmers with offer letters have not been able to move onto their farms because of the White settlers who had taken the issue to court,” he said.

Hlupeko was however quick to point out that this was not a racial issue as there were White farmers with offer letters in the province.

He urged the government to capacitate new farmers so that the land reform program would not provide “detractors” with an opportunity to rubbish the exercise.

Mliswa refuted allegations that he gave the farmers an ultimatum.

“We have 74 White farmers in the province and 41 of them were recommended to stay put, meaning the rest should leave,” said Mliswa.

“Those who were not recommended to remain on the farms are the ones that came up with this date.”

He however could not explain the criteria used to recommend those who have been allowed to stay on the farms.

Mliswa also said Zanu PF was not discriminatory as 11 White farmers were given offer letters while four were given 99-year leases.

Since the land reform program in 2000 that reclaimed African land from White settlers, the imposition of American and European economic sanctions have helped to cripple Zimbabwe’s economy and by extension its farming sector.

The country has been relying on grain imported by government and the private sector to cover the local deficit.

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