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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Regarding dogs my friend has recently gone to live in UK and got a certificate from the vet to send her dog to UK. They take a blood test send it overseas I think it took 2 weeks. The dog left here and the next day landed in UK and was delivered to the house.


I have noticed an increase in the missing pets/dog section of Bambazonke, and came across a very interesting and potentially helpful article with advise on finding missing pets, it may be useful for your readers who have lost loved companions. Dog owners should take an article of clothing that has been worn at least all day to the last place the dog was seen, the longer the article of clothing has been worn the better, so the lost dog can pick up on the scent. Leave the clothing in the area, along with a familiar toy (If the dog has one). You may want to leave a note requesting that the items not be moved and your contact details if the dog is sighted. Leave a bowl of water there too, as the dog probably has not had any access to any. Do not bring food, that may attract other animals that the dog may avoid. Visit the area and check intermittently if possible. Hopefully the dog will be waiting there. Dogs generally react better to familiar scents. I hope that this is helpful advise to those who are missing a best friend. Thanks, Kind Regards, Lisa


I have just received mail which refers to the lady on the bike.... I know this lady as Miss Fraser as she was our domestic science teacher when I was at Queen Elizabeth many years ago. She was a stickler for things being done right and heaven help you if they were not. I to this day I make sure that when I put out cups and saucers for a tea party that the angle of the handles and the teaspoons are just as I was taught as I can hear her voice in my head. Over the years I have come to appreciate her discipline which she dished out in the class room whether it was for cooking, needle work or general entertainment. She informed me after coming top of her needle work class with an exam result of 41%  that I would be better off taking an art class the following year. In other words - don't come back. Out of class room and away from the school she was a great character and I am sorry to hear she has hit hard times. I wish her all the very best. I have an old Herald newspaper picture of her sitting on a bench in town feeding the pigeons. I certainly will never forget her.  Jenny


I think your reader who uses words like privileged and enchanted seeing the vultures at the restaurant in the falls then saying when other lodges feed these noble birds that  it is a  gimmick a  very strange attitude.  .
I think it could become a problem if these lodges are in the Falls and  encouraging the birds into builtup areas. This is something that lodges in the open safari areas could do a safe distance from the  lodges as it is a wonderful sight for all to see.       Birds eye view


Almost every day now via your emails, we see dogs advertised as missing from someone’s residence, often with no collar, or no chip. Is it really that hard to ensure that when the main/pedestrian gate to the premises is opened or closed, the animals are observed and their whereabouts established there and there, not several hours later…? Have a walk around the perimeter of the property with the gardener, examine and secure any likely exit/access (stray dogs) in the fence/wall, therefore denying the dog the means to get out and become an issue. It really isn’t rocket science this making ones property ‘’dog-proof’’; it takes a small portion of time and effort to ensure that the animal cannot exit and become another statistic on the roads…


Lomagundi Lakeside: As the Manager of Lodges in Juliasdale, this does give you a wake up call. Thing is, people wouldn't do this in a Hotel, so why in private accommodation? Get the staff to call the Police!! 

I also feel that a Blacklist of unruly people should be posted, everyone needs a heads up.  Repairs are expensive, replacing broken items is expensive, and time consuming, especially when out of Harare.  We can't tolerate a few yobs spoiling things for every genuine guest.  I'm in! Thanks to the unfortunate owner in Kariba.  Alert Lodge Manager   


Lomagundi Lakeside: Hope you are making them pay for the damage.  Possibly take it out of the deposit.  Unbelievable


Angry and Disappointed Owners have got a most valid suggestion in that if people go to Kariba and abuse facilities and Boats made available for their pleasure, then there should be a Blacklist for owners of houses and houseboats that could be at risk.  


However, Likewise, there should be a List of Houseboats people could be advised about, which need to upgrade the standard of what they in reality supply in comparison to advertised in brochures and internet.     A group of 8 of us booked “XXX” houseboat for a special wedding anniversary for 4 nights a while back.   The crew were too smart for us, helping themselves liberally to fuel for the generator for the fridges, food, fishing supplies and more.  The lighting was in dire need of attention, as were the shower facilities, chipped plates and table linen with holes, one cabin leaked badly when it rained and the mattresses got soaked.  The general air of the boat was a rustbucket requiring urgent attention.   The travel agent wrote to the owner on our behalf, who did not have the courtesy to reply, so every dog has its day.

Most people accept within reason minor inadequacies, which will not spoil their holiday.  This was more than that.


Name and shame . That way we know who not to lease our lodges to. Not acceptable




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