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Friday, January 10, 2014

missing person in Nyanga

I have seen this update for the missing person in Nyanga on Facebook this morning thought you might be interested.


Dear Friends, It is day 6 and the extensive search party has returned and we have had a debrief. I’ve just spoken to my brother Mohammed and Doug on the ground and whilst thy have achieved their objectives for the search they have not located him yet. The only light at the end of the tunnel came from some trackers who ran into a local person walking in the area who thinks she may have seen him. This has been the only thing we could go on for the moment. With this in mind Mr Bent from the Cape Mountain Search and rescue team has run some projections and probabilities which hopefully will provide the teams on the ground with further focus. The Mountain Climbing Club and the teams from Far and Wide have also joined the search and rescue teams for which the family extend much gratitude. We are also grateful to all the people, trackers, mountain climbers, and other clubs that have randomly turned up to support the S&R efforts taking off from their work without pay to support. I do not have all their names but we are grateful for your participation. Some people have chosen to camp out so they have a head start at first light. Our special thanks goes out to the traditional owners of the land who are contributing to the S&R efforts including the Governor of Manicaland Mr Mushowe who came forth and assisted in Tribal negotiations. At the moment our resources are limited and the same people that have been searching all this time are exhausted. If you know anyone willing to volunteer in the area, we are appealing for any and all support. If you know of a helicopter or plane that can join in the efforts, we would be highly indebted to you. I understand that negotiations are currently underway for the Zimbabwe Air Force and National Parks Anti-Poaching Unit to obtain their air support teams that have helicopters with thermal imaging scanners to compliment the searches tomorrow. We will know more about this in due course. Finally I ask all of you who see this to Like and Share this. The more people that see this on the ground the better our chances of getting volunteers or Zimbabwe Government Officials who could possibly escalate the search and rescue mission.




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