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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Update on Radio Licences

An update to the info on ZBC radio/TV licenses circulated earlier in January, in response to queries and comments by readers of Bambazonke Nhasi:

 Management at ZBC Pockets Hill tell us they have NOT received an instruction that listener’s licences have been scrapped from the Ministry of Information. Therefore radio/TV licences are required and will be enforced accordingly.

 Licences have been received from the printers (both term and annual), and are in the process of being distributed to post offices. These are already being sold by ZBC staff in shopping car parks.

 Personal Vehicle Radio Licence - $30 per year

Personal Vehicle Radio Licence - $10 per term*

Company Vehicle Radio Licence - $80 per year

Home TV/Radio Licence - $50 per year

*(We understand all licenses can be paid over three terms).

 Correction to our previous advice on concessions: these are available for 75 years olds and above, but only for home radio/TV use – not for vehicles.  To obtain this concession you have to go to ZBC Pockets Hill with a copy of your ID (proof of your pensionable age) and Proof of Residence.  Visit the reception at Pockets Hill and someone there will help you.

 Regarding vehicles which have Japanese radios that do not catch local radio signal or non-working radios, according to ZBC the law states: “anyone in possession of a radio” - it does not differentiate whether it is in working condition or not, so regardless you have to hold a licence if you own a radio visible to the public in your vehicle.

ZBC Licencing can be a called directly on (04) 498643; we found their staff very helpful.

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